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As content creation specialists, the writers at Connotations have to be able to connect with different kinds of audiences. Our content basically starts out under one of two categories: business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) content. Both types of content are obviously targeted to different audiences. In this post, we will deal specifically with B2C content.

B2C content comes in many different forms. It can be product descriptions on a retail website, or a blog post intended to update regular readers about a new product or service. When it exists in non-written form, B2C content can be anything from a video to an interactive poll to a graphic image.

There are three keys to effective B2C content from a writing standpoint. Whether Connotations is producing website copy, blog posts or informational articles, we must always keep these things in mind for the benefit of our clients.

1. Content Should Be Specific

Numerous studies have clearly demonstrated that web users are not interested in spending a tremendous amount of time looking for the information they need. Nowhere is this more evident than in the retail setting. If a consumer cannot find a detailed description of a particular product – detailed enough to answer any and all questions – that consumer will go to a competing website in search of more information.

B2C content needs to be very specific. It needs to directly address the topic at hand, whether that topic relates to retail sales or informing customers of pertinent company information. Everything from landing pages to company descriptions must get right to the point.

2. Content Should Hit a Nerve

B2C content should make some sort of connection with the customer. We call this ‘hitting a nerve’. For example, let’s say your company offers consulting services for personal finance. All the content produced for your website should connect with your readers in some way having to do with their financial situations.

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A good way to hit a nerve is to include some sort of correlation to the services you provide and your customers’ needs. Explain to them how they would personally benefit from your services; give a nod or two to the importance of professional financial advice for investing, retirement planning, etc.

3. Content Should Include a Call to Action

One of the most distinct differences between B2C content and its B2B counterpart is intent. In a B2B scenario, you may not necessarily be trying to convince a customer to purchase a product or service before leaving your website. Some of your content may be industry news or a white paper. That’s not the case with B2C content.

The primary intent of B2C content is customer conversion. At the point a customer leaves your website, you want him or her to have made a decision regarding the information you provided. That decision may come in the form of a sale, a recommendation to family members or friends, or at least a decision to keep your company in mind when the time to purchase eventually arrives.

A very effective tool for conversion is the call to action. What is a call to action? It is some sort of suggestion that your customer act on the information just learned. A call to action might look something like this:

For more information about our new product or service, please contact us right away. If you are ready to purchase, our online store is always available.

The call to action essentially challenges the reader to make a decision. It is critical to effective B2C content. You may not include a call to action in every single piece, but it should be included in the majority of your content in a B2C setting.

Now that you know the three most important keys to effective B2C content, you should be better prepared to create content for your own site. As always, don’t hesitate to give us a ring or contact us via email if you need help with content creation. The entire Connotations staff is waiting to serve you.

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