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Ebooks were the hottest trend in digital marketing seven or eight years ago. They aren’t talked about as much these days, thanks to all the emphasis put on social media and content marketing. But marketing with an ebook is still possible. Not only that, but a well-conceived ebook marketing campaign can also do wonders.

Like nearly everything else in digital marketing, using an ebook as a marketing tool requires a certain level of knowledge and skill. It doesn’t require a degree in English or journalism, which means just about anyone can do it as long as marketing best practices are employed.

If you are interested in ebook marketing, we want you to know that Connotations offers affordable ebook writing services. Our writing team have the knowledge, skill, and experience to produce engaging ebooks on a variety of topics. We provide the ebook, and you handle a marketing.

With that in mind, here are our top six tips for marketing with an ebook:

1. Choose a Compelling Topic

The paid ebook market will earn an estimated USD $14.2 billion in 2023. It is expected to exceed $15.3 billion by 2027. Over the next four years, the number of consumers expected to read ebooks will grow to more than 1.12 billion.

All these statistics relate to ebooks people purchase for their personal enjoyment. If consumers are buying them, they are also reading them. And if consumers are reading purchased ebooks, they will read an ebook produced for marketing purposes. The key is to choose a compelling topic they want to read about.

To come up with possible topics, think about the most common questions you hear from customers. What do they want to know about most often? What ideas come up frequently in your discussions with them? These are the things to write about.

2. Spend Time Producing a Quality Ebook

Once you have a chosen topic, it is time to start writing. Don’t rush things. Spend whatever time is necessary to produce a quality ebook worth reading. If you lack the writing skills yourself, hire an ebook writing service to handle it for you.

A quality ebook is free of spelling and grammar errors. It demonstrates good syntax. But most importantly, it connects with readers in a personal way. The strength of that connection determines the value of any ebook as a marketing tool.

3. Give the Ebook Away for Free

Using an ebook to market your business suggests that you give it away for free. This is to say that you don’t charge a monetary fee. However, you probably should still attach some sort of stipulation to getting a copy. For example, you might offer a free ebook to anyone who signs up for your monthly marketing newsletter.

You can also offer the ebook as an incentive to buy. Every purchase of your products or services comes with a free copy of the ebook as a complimentary gift.

4. Use the Ebook As an Educational Tool

Companies, in particularly complicated industries, can get a lot out of their ebooks by using them as educational tools. For example, you could produce an ebook that explains how to solve a problem that is some way related to your products or services. You could also create an ebook explaining how customers can use a product they buy from you.

5. Share It on Social Media

As strange as it sounds, you need to market an ebook to get people to request a copy. So even if you’re using an ebook as a marketing tool, you must market it first. There is no better place to do that than social media.

Social media offers access to one of the largest audiences in the world. Even better, you can target your audience to key demographics. Get your ebook in the hands of the right people and they will share it on their social pages as well. And by giving it away for free, you will be maximising the number of people who ask for it.

6. Create an Ebook Series

Short ebooks are the best kinds of ebooks for marketing purposes. You don’t want to give people a novel. But what if you have chosen a complicated topic with a load of information to share? Write a series of ebooks instead of just one.

Turning a long ebook into a series of shorter ebooks gives you that many more opportunities to market. Each ebook in the series can accomplish something different. Maybe your first ebook requires people to join your mailing list. The second ebook could require that customers complete a quick survey.

The point of the series is to engage over a longer period of time with shorter ebooks rather than throw a single, larger ebook at customers in hopes they will read it through. Incremental engagement can be a more effective marketing strategy than giving customers everything all at once.

Ebooks Are Underestimated

Here at Connotations, we believe that ebooks are underestimated in terms of their value as marketing tools. A well-written ebook based on a compelling topic will garner interest. That interest should turn into engagement that ultimately drives traffic, increases sales, and improves industry authority.

Does the thought of marketing with an ebook intrigue you? If so, ask about our ebook writing service when you contact us. We would be happy to discuss your marketing plans and quote you a price for your ebook.

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