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Google Ads

Creating ad copy for your Google Ads can be a tough task. But we have you covered. From compelling headlines to killer calls to action, we are the experts!

Social Media Ads

From Facebook to LinkedIn and Twitter to Instagram, the Connotations social media ads service will create the perfect ads for your social media platforms.

Creative Ad Copy

Our team of professional ad copywriters know exactly how to construct a targeted ad that clearly describes the benefits of your product or service.


Connotations’ Ad Copy Service

Some will argue that any exposure is good exposure. However, if the people exposed to your company have no interest in what you offer, you can hardly expect views to convert into buys. This is where ad copy and an advertising copy service such as Connotations comes into play. We have been providing ad copywriting services to businesses of all sizes across the world since 2011.

Producing an advertisement that gets views is one thing; producing one that sells is something completely different.

What We Offer

You already have the business model and the audience in place, all you need is that small incentive to encourage them to buy your product or service.

Low Starting Prices

Great starting prices and no contracts to tie you into something you don’t need

Ad Copy Specialists

A specialist team of ad copywriters on hand to produce those words that sell

Quality Targeted Ads

A quality targeted ad from our specialists will do several things:


  • Appeal to your target audience
  • Talk to your audience in a language they understand
  • Generate interest in your brand
  • Engage and engross the target audience
  • Convince your target audience to act on a call-to-action

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Our Approach to Ad Copy

A great advertising copywriter will use words to turn a product that no one has heard of into a must-have by accentuating its features and benefits, dispelling any fears, and leaving the target audience with the belief that what you are offering is better to what your competitors are offering.   Any ad copywriter worth his or her salt will have an understanding of how to write using certain words in a way that get results. The target audience needs to be engaged and engrossed; no jargon, no false promises – just helpful information delivered in a language that they understand. And that, in a nutshell, is our approach to ad copy.

Size No Issue

We will take great pride in serving you irrespective or whether you are a one-person, bedroom-run business or a large multi-national

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