The Reason Advertising Copy Has Never Been So Important

We’ve known for a while that the UK is a world leader in terms of domestic online commerce. Now it turns out that we’re also number one in terms of global e-commerce exports. According to Media Week, recent statistics from OC&C Strategy’s annual Global Retail E-mpire report show the UK generated an export surplus of some £720 million in 2013.

Media Week says the incredible results were achieved by the UK’s top online retailers who reached out to international customers by creating websites native to those markets. One of the companies cited by the report now has dedicated sites directly targeting customers in the US, Germany, Spain, Italy, and nearly half dozen other countries.

It’s clear that in order to make such a strategy work, advertising copy must be aimed squarely at the consumers in each individual country. Companies must combine that copy with a consistent branding scheme and online marketing message able to reach customers no matter where they live. And of course, the whole thing is backed by centralised shipping control and distribution centres located in strategic places.

Media Week says the UK’s two closest competitors for e-commerce exports are the US and Germany. In 2013, those two countries realised surpluses of £110 million and £12 million, respectively. Clearly, neither is even in the same league with the UK. That is a testament to the power of online marketing in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

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What It Means to Your Business

This news should be important to you regardless of the scope and size of your business. It should be important in terms of how you reach your customers and to what extent your messaging is effective. It also demonstrates how important advertising copy is.

When you create copy, it should be able to effectively reach your target audience right where they are. It needs to be written in such a way to take advantage of their purchasing habits, their perceptions of your company, their willingness to buy your products, and any number of additional factors. If your advertising copy does not speak to your target audience, you will not see the conversion rates you are after.

By the same token, the opposite is also true. Well-crafted advertising copy can drive sales and increase revenues. Nevertheless, in order for that to happen your copy must be crafted in a way that effectively speaks to your target audience.

Connotations is able to produce targeted advertising copy for your business. Our expert team of writers knows how to create copy that will speak directly to your customers regardless of the products and services you sell. As long as we know whom you are trying to reach and the message you are trying to convey, we can make it happen. Please feel free to contact us at any time for all of your advertising copy needs.

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