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Before we talk about advertising leaflets, we need to quickly talk about business marketing. You see, when it comes to marketing your business, it is hard to ignore the influence that the internet has had over the last decade or so. However, in the face of social media, email, and other digital marketing methods, one form of advertising has remained as strong as ever: the printed word.

If you harbour a desire to get your brand noticed by as many people as possible, print is something that simply cannot be ignored. This fact is not lost upon us, which is why we at Connotations are one of the few content providers to offer advertising leaflets writing and brochure writing as part of our service. As well as this, we also provide copy for all types of pamphlets, flyers, etc.


Connotations is one of the few content providers to offer advertising leaflets writing and brochure writing.

Advertising Leaflets – Making an Impact

Whether it’s posted through a letterbox or handed out on a street corner, nothing has the ability to grab attention as a well put together brochure, pamphlet, or leaflet.

At Connotations, our expert advertising leaflets and brochure copywriting team have the skills needed to create killer copy that hits home with readers and benefits your bottom line – online or offline

Our copy is designed to do much more than simply explain your services; it is written in such a way that will convey the benefits of your business to readers, addressing needs, and enhancing your image in a clear and concise manner.

The content we create will embody your company, immediately engrossing the reader in a way that is informative and enjoyable to read, the benefits of which will:

  • generate leads
  • increase calls and visitors
  • build trust
  • maximise return-on-investment (ROI).

So, whether it’s promotional or sales-focused, technical or informative, Connotations will deliver the brochure, pamphlet and advertising leaflets writing service that your business needs to succeed.


Let us prove to the world that good taste, good art, and good writing can be good selling ~ William Bernbach

When Johannes Gutenberg invented his movable type printing press in the mid-15th century, he effectively opened the door to the widespread dissemination of information throughout the European continent. What made his printing press different from the movable type technology of the Orient was the fact that he could use the hand mould method to mass-produce the metal type that would be used to print brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, and newspapers by the thousands.

American abolitionist and lawyer Wendell Phillips said of the printing press: “What gunpowder did for war, the printing press has done for the mind.” His view is shared by so many others across centuries of history and proven by the results of putting the written word into the hands of the people. There is nothing quite like the printed word to stir the mind and compel one to action – even in the Internet age.

In this modern era of technology, we have been too quick to put the printed word aside as old and archaic. We tend to believe that printed brochures, pamphlets, and leaflets are outdated to the extent that it is not worth investing in them. However, such a short-sighted view is one that ignores one of the basic principles of the human condition: having a tangible object to hold in one’s hand makes a stronger connection than simply hearing or reading a message online. A current project ongoing at the University of Bristol demonstrates this very principle.

The project, known as Tangible Memories, is one designed to improve the quality of life among care home residents by helping them preserve and share their memories. A main component of the programme is to create tangible objects that will remind residents of those memories and stories they want to share with others. Researchers have found that the creation of tangible objects to trigger memories is much more powerful than simply compiling individual histories in digital records.


Get your leaflet, brochure and pamphlet copy written by the experts at Connotations. Contact us for a quote.

Putting Your Message into Living Hands

The brochure, pamphlet, and advertising leaflets writing service offered by Connotations is designed to enable you to put your message into living hands. Every hand that takes a pamphlet from you represents a potential customer who can be urged to take advantage of your products or services. Every hand engaged also represents a potential customer who willingly agrees to accept the information you are offering. Such a freewill decision ultimately leads to the individual reading the material you have printed.

Why is this important in the digital age? Because people approach printed material differently than they do information found online. Consider the following statistics:

  • 55% of internet users spend fewer than 15 seconds actively reading a given page (Source)
  • 5% of internet users will never scroll through an article; roughly 50% of those who do still don’t make it halfway through before moving on (Source)
  • The average web user reads approximately 20% of the content on a given page; the rest is ignored. (Source)

These statistics are not offered to suggest that creating web content is a waste of time. To the contrary, creating such content is necessary in the Internet age. However, digital content found online does not make the same personal connection with your customers because they are not taking the time to connect with it. Printed materials are different.

Consider the difference between holding a restaurant flyer in your hand and using your smart phone to look up that restaurant online, while you are waiting for the bus that will take you to meet your friend for dinner. With your smartphone, you are likely to scan for the most important information including menu items and pricing. Then you will move on to a game or your favourite news site.

Holding that restaurant flyer in your hand will provoke a completely different action. Not only will you look for menu items and pricing, you are likely to give the flyer a thorough reading to learn about daily specials, hours of operation, etc. Assuming that flyer makes a connection, you will probably stick it in your pocket or handbag once you are done reading. This is the power of the printed word.


Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own ~ Carol Burnett

Building Your Business

It should be clear that the power of the printed word is very effective in the hands of skilled writers. Connotations offers a brochure, pamphlet, and advertising leaflets writing service that takes advantage of the printed word to:

  • Build Trust – Your customers are looking for a company they can trust when purchasing products or services. When you provide printed materials that accurately reflect what your company offers, new customers learn to trust what you have to say. These are the kinds of customers that will return time and again.
  • Generate Leads – You cannot build trust if you are not generating leads. Printed materials help the lead generation process by putting your message directly into the hands of your target audience.
  • Increase Calls and Visitors – Creative and effectively produced written materials invite your customers to call or visit your location. What’s more, including your address, telephone number, and directions to your location makes it easy for customers to find you.
  • Maximise Return on Investment – It can be difficult to gauge your return on investment (ROI) in the digital world of click through advertising. Not so with printed materials. The results you achieve from brochures, pamphlets and leaflets are directly measurable in tangible results, allowing you to make adjustments that will maximise your ROI.

The printed word should not be abandoned as an outdated marketing protocol of the past. Rather, it should be embraced as an integral part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Printed materials fill that void left by digital spaces that do not make a connection with your target audience. In short, do not underestimate the power of print. Embrace it, use it, and watch your business grow.

Connotations’ brochure, pamphlet, and advertising leaflets writing service can produce the written materials you need for your business. Whether you are operating a trendy downtown restaurant or a home services company, we can put words to paper in order to motivate your target audience to engage with your business. Printed materials work – let us show you how powerful they are. Contact us for more information.


Why does Connotations offer writing for brochures, pamphlets, etc.?

Connotations is one of only a small number of content creation firms offering services for brochures, pamphlets and leaflets writing. Why do we do it? Because we believe there is nothing more powerful than the printed word for engaging customers.

The internet age has certainly changed the way businesses market. Online marketing is capable of reaching a far wider audience more quickly and efficiently. However, market saturation is making digital marketing less effective as time passes. That’s why marketers continually have to come up with new schemes to compete. On the other hand, the printed word is as strong as ever. Nothing beats putting a pamphlet in the hand of your customer – a pamphlet that will get that person’s attention long after their mobile device and computer have been shut off.

Does your content for printed materials come 'print ready'?

The concept of producing ‘print ready’ content is not the same in the 21st century as it was two decades ago. In the past, print ready content could immediately be used by a printer to create a plate ready for ink and printing. If graphics were included, writers had to produce ‘camera ready’ content that could be copied to make a printing plate. Digital printing has changed all of that.

Print ready content today usually consists of offering the content in a format the printer can use in its own software. The most common formats utilised by mainstream office suites (such as Microsoft Office) are almost always acceptable. All that’s left for our writers is to make sure that content is formatted properly in terms of headings, subheadings, and text variances like bold, italics, etc. In short, we can produce print-ready content as specified by your printer.

Can we use the content you produce to print leaflets in-house?

The content we produce for printed materials can be taken to a professional printer or utilised in-house. For example, we have had clients order content they then turned around and printed using their own office printers. Sometimes that means creating a master copy on the printer and then running it through a copy machine.

All we need to create content for your in-house printing needs is the format you want us to save it in. We support most of the major formats utilised by standard office suites. If you use proprietary software that does not support standard formats, we still might be able to find a solution that works for you. Also remember that you ultimately own the content. If you need to modify it after we’ve completed the job, you are free to do so.

Do you provide graphic and layout services as well?

As a general rule, we tend to avoid getting involved in graphics and layout. We do not specialise in these areas, so we believe it’s better to leave graphics and layout to those who do. Your best bet is to consult with your printer if you plan to have your materials printed by an outside vendor.

In rare cases, we may assist a client with graphics and layout if their needs are limited. But please be advised that we do not market Connotations with any suggestion that we are specialists in graphic design, illustration, or any other related disciplines. We are content creators first and foremost. How that content is presented to your customers is ultimately up to you.

Are there any size restrictions for printed literature jobs?

There are no size restrictions on any of the work Connotations produces. As long as customers are willing to pay appropriate rates, we can produce work of any size. Whether it’s a single page of a few hundred words or hundreds of pages encompassing tens of thousands of words, it has no bearing on our ability to produce. With that said, keep in mind that printed literature is not necessarily priced only on a per project or per word basis. Printers also charge for different papers, ink choices, additional graphics, and any custom design elements that require extra work. It has been our experience that clients looking to produce printed literature try to find the perfect balance between thoroughness and brevity.

What would be a good use of printed literature?

There is a lot to be said for printed literature, even in the modern digital world. There’s just something about handing someone printed materials that makes your message more tangible. People who receive printed materials are also more likely to keep those materials handy if they like the products or services they represent.

A good example would be a restaurant offering a special promotion for a particular time of the year. Printing promotional literature and handing it out encourages customers to remember the restaurant for their dining at that time. Including a special offer on the literature ups the ante a bit. These are the kinds of uses that make printed literature superior to the digital alternative when you are trying to accomplish something more tangible than just introducing your company.

Does content for printed materials need updating?

Creating content for printed materials like leaflets and brochures is substantially different from creating online content. For example, online content needs to be constantly updated in order to maintain relevance on the major search engines. Updates are not required for printed materials unless the details of the content have changed. For example, the description of a restaurant does not need to be updated every month unless significant changes are made. That data can remain the same for multiple runs of printed literature over months or years of distribution. By extension, older literature can still be distributed as long as the information contained therein has not changed.

Are Brochures Still Effective for Marketing?

The rapid development of the internet as a marketing tool has caused the modern business marketer to shift strategies for reaching new customers. However, that does not mean that all of the old ways of marketing, including printed brochures, are dead and buried. Printed materials still have a lot of value as part of a successful marketing campaign.

At Connotations, we believe in the power of printed brochures to reach customers in ways online marketing cannot. The traditional printed coupon is but one example. Hand a potential customer a printed brochure including a coupon for a free meal, for instance, and you are likely to see that customer immediately consider visiting the restaurant. If that same customer has to look up the coupon online, he or she may put it off for another time.

Printed brochures are still good marketing tools because these give customers something to hold in their hands or put in their pockets. A brochure is a longer lasting reminder of your company that is not as easily dismissed as a web advert or an electronic coupon code. So yes, brochures are still an effective way of marketing when used the right way.

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