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Articles are our thing. We know exactly how to deliver content that appeals to your target audience and beyond. Whether you need articles for your website, another entity’s website, a magazine, or anything else, our article writing service has you covered.

The benefit of a well-written piece of content from a great article writing service will filter through to other areas of your business…

The Fundamentals of a Great Article Are:


Original articles should be written in a unique way with fresh ideas. You get this from an article writing service such as ours.


People ask questions, articles give answers. In order to satisfy the reader, an article must provide answers fast, with easily digestible content that can be scanned as well as read.


One good article alone is not enough to base an entire reputation on. You must capitalise on the success of an article with a stream of content that further enhances your authority.


Facts and stats make for great content, but only if these are accurate and sourced from reputable outlets.

Call to Action

Great articles provide the reader with a sense of how best to act upon the information they now possess without degrading them or insulting their intelligence.


Your entire business will be judged by the quality of your content. Spelling mistakes, errors in punctuation and structural inconsistencies lose readers – lost readers are effectively lost customers.

All of the above, and more, are incorporated when you order articles from Connotations’ article writing service.


A well-written, thought-provoking article will have readers hanging on to every word; it will leave them feeling enthused and eager for more. Engaging an audience starts from the headline, builds with a promising introduction, and finishes by allowing the user to reflect on their newly acquired information.


Articles are defined by their quality, which means there is no place for fluff. Word counts do not matter. What matters is concise, to-the-point content that is brimming with information.


An article should never be written purely for SEO, but appealing to search engines is still important. Well-placed targeted keywords and quality backlinks from credible sources will enhance the appeal of an article and help improve search ranking.

Just a few of our happy clients….

Why Should You Trust Us With Your Article Writing Projects?

Below are just a few of the reasons we think you should hire our article writing service…

You will always receive the very highest quality writing regardless of what you order
Unlike some competitors, we are who we say we are: a British-based, worldwide service using only native English speaking writing specialists.
Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning we will not be satisfied until you are
Extensive research is conducted before each and every assignment. No stone is left unturned!
Our SSL certification means that your personal details are safe and secure with us
Top class customer support – we are with you every step of the way

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Connotations deliver time and time again. The quality of the content is always very high and we have never had cause to send anything back for revision. We would heartily recommend Connotations to anyone requiring high quality, well-researched blog content.
Robert Wakefield

Managing Director, The Wysi Partnership

I have had the pleasure of working with Connotations on numerous writing projects over the years and they have consistently delivered above expectations. They have the uncanny ability of taking nearly any subject and producing a literary masterpiece. All projects have been well researched and eloquently written. Connotations has always been patient with me and they have always been true professionals throughout the many years of working together. I look forward to working with them again in the future.
Aditi Joshi

Redesigned Marketing

Connotations has been providing daily content for some of our websites for a few years now. The quality of their service is irreproachable, and most importantly for us, always reliable. In the 5+ years that we’ve worked with them, I don’t recall them ever missing a deadline. I honestly recommend them for any blog content or articles you may require.

Jean Media Inc.

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We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

Here at Connotations we take great pride in the fact that, over the years, we have served almost every conceivable business and industry sector. For example:

Online Stores



Software Companies

Need to Chat With Us Before You Get Started?

By all means get in contact with us if you have questions or queries about any aspect of our blogging service. We are more than happy to help you with anything at all.


Is Connotations able to produce technical articles?
Connotations writers can, in a general sense, produce any kind of article based on just about any topic. But there’s a caveat; technical articles may require some level of detail and expertise that our writers don’t possess at the time we accept the product. We can work around this in one of two ways. First, our writers are also skilled researchers. We can produce technical articles by doing our own thorough research in advance of writing. However, that time must be compensated for. The second option is for the client to provide the technical information our writers lack so as to save time on research. The writer assigned to the project can then combine that information with additional research to produce the necessary articles. In cases where a writer already possesses the necessary knowledge, all of this becomes moot.
What kinds of informational articles does Connotations produce?
We divide content into numerous categories in the content creation business. Article creation is a very generic category that could entail lots of different types of content. The most common kinds of articles are informational pieces relating to industry news, general news, company news, or company-specific information (explaining how a new product works, for example). Regardless of the kind of article ordered, the goal of our writers is to produce a piece that is fact-based and relevant. Informational articles are different from blog posts in that they are not intended to convey any sort of opinion or subjective material. Articles are to be objective in every sense. In terms of topics, there is virtually no topic we cannot write about, as long as it does not cross the boundaries of legality, morality or propriety.
How do you come up with titles for articles?
As you might already know, titles are very important to the SEO value of informational articles. Titles help search engine algorithms understand what content is about and whether the title is relevant to the body of the piece. Therefore, we take titles seriously at Connotations. There are two ways we come up with titles. The first is to simply use whatever titles are suggested by clients. Sometimes we may counter when suggested titles don’t fit well with the kind of content being created. Most of the time, though, client titles are satisfactory. The second option is to create titles on our own based on the topic we are writing on. In such a case, a title is created to serve three purposes: engage the reader’s interest, maximise SEO value, and provide immediate relevance.
What is the fee structure for your article writing service?
Pricing for article writing is based on a number of factors we have to consider whenever we accept a new project. In the earliest days of content creation, most providers charged on a per-word basis. That model no longer works due to the competitive nature of our industry. Bidding for work on a per-word basis results in watered-down content offering less value to the customer. Connotations’ pricing structure for article writing is based on the volume of work, its nature, the amount of research necessary to complete the project, and the amount of time we have to complete it. When contacting us about a new project, we will consult with you to work out a price that is acceptable to you without being detrimental to our business. Rest assured that Connotations works very hard to remain competitive with our pricing.
Are news articles something Connotations offers?
We are more than happy to create just about any kind of article our clients might request. In terms of news, we can produce whatever you need. Hard news that appeals to the general public can be created by sourcing information from other stories and compiling it to create a fresh, timely article. News related to your particular industry or a niche area you want to address may require a little bit of input on your part. We understand that news articles can be time-sensitive depending on the topic at hand. Therefore, we attempt to schedule these articles as close to the publishing date as possible. This ensures that the news is relevant when it gets to the client’s site for the first time. We ask that clients relay any time sensitive details when ordering news articles.
Do you recommend a particular word count for articles?
One of the best things about posting articles as website content is that there are very few restrictions on how they can be used. So no, we don’t recommend any particular word count. Our only suggestion is that you allow for articles to be as long or short as necessary to convey the information in a way that reaches readers and satisfies SEO requirements. News articles tend to be shorter and more concise; informational articles intended to impart a body of knowledge or a set of instructions can be longer and more thorough. Your word count will be based on whatever it takes to get the point across.
Can you rewrite news articles for us?
Rewriting news articles to post on an entirely separate site is common practice in the SEO world. Some sites owners combine article rewrites with content curation for maximum effectiveness. So yes, we can rewrite news articles for you. All we need is a link to the original article you want us to use as the source. We strive to make the rewritten content as unique as possible while still using the facts contained in the source article. We do advise against extensive spinning though, as this can negatively impact search engine ranking. If you don’t know the difference between article rewriting and spinning, feel free to ask for clarification.
I have heard that content is king – is this true?
The phrase ‘content is king’ is one that is heard an awful lot in the SEO industry. We say that because Google and the other major search engines now put a greater emphasis on content than they have in the past. The quality and structure of the content on a web page has a very definite impact on search engine rankings. With that said, some types of content affect search engine ranking more than others do. For example, from what we know from various industry analysts is that the Google search algorithm gives a lot more weight to a 600-word piece of written content than it does an embedded YouTube video for a link. Videos and links are seen as supporting the written content of the page in question. This is why companies such as ours stress the written word as much as we do. Content is indeed king in a day and age in which search algorithms are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. For content to be helpful to search engine rankings, it has to be relevant, keyword sensitive, and properly titled. For it to be helpful in generating paid customers, it has to provide useful information that visitors perceive as being valuable.

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