5 Things Article Writing Services Bring to the Table

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Connotations freely admits that website owners can write all their own content. We acknowledge that SEO providers can write everything from blog posts to news stories. So why do so many hire companies like ours? Because professional article writing services bring a lot to the table. We offer customers certain things that non-professional writers lack.

We invite you to consider professional article writing services if you are handling all your own content. You can keep doing what you are doing, but you could also let us do it better. If you need a little more information about what we can do for you, check out these five things that professional article writing services bring to the table.

1. Spelling and Grammar Skills

Like it or not, spelling and grammar have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of written content. According to representatives from both Google and Bing, their search engines consider spelling and grammar when ranking pages. Pages with excellent grammar and spelling rank higher than those with poor grammar and spelling. Furthermore, statistics show that the vast majority of internet users pay attention to spelling and grammar. They avoid companies with error-filled websites.

Professional article writing services eliminate concerns over poor spelling and grammar. As professionals, proper spelling and grammar is something we concentrate on. In fact, and professional worth hiring obsesses over spelling and grammar.

2. Clear and Concise Writing

Writing that is not clear and concise is just as damaging to websites as poor spelling and grammar. Professional writers are trained in how to communicate thoughts clearly and effectively. When you let professional writers handle your articles, you can rest assured that the finished products will communicate your message in a way that every reader will understand.

3. Audience Targeting

One of the secrets professional article writers know better than anyone else is how to target a specific audience. Audience targeting is critical to effective messaging. At Connotations, all we need from the client is some basic information about the audience being targeted and we do the rest. If the audience is seniors, we write from the senior point of view. If the target is millennials, we write in language millennials understand.

4. Proven Research Skills

Companies like Connotations cover an unlimited number of topics for clients in just about every sector. As such, we have to be experts in research. We must be able to take any topic and do enough research to write a competent, clear, and accurate article. Our research skills are yet another benefit we bring to the table.

5. SEO Skills

It goes without saying that articles written with SEO rules in mind perform better on search engines. It is also true that websites filled with SEO-optimised content generate excellent results for owners. Therefore, any articles you write need to be maximised for SEO. Professional writers know how to do that. For example, Connotations writers know the right way to use keywords and phrases, how to construct long-tail keywords, how to embed outbound links, and more.

Anyone with a computer and a few minutes to spare can string together words and sentences to create an article. Whether or not that article is effective for its intended purpose is another matter. The advantage of hiring a professional article writing service should be clear: professional writers have the skills and knowledge to create effective content that gets results.

The five things listed above are critical to successful article writing. If you are struggling with any of them, might we suggest you consider looking at a professional article writing service? We invite you to consider Connotations. We are proven professionals you can trust.


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