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Where Are the Best Places to Publish SEO Articles?



You have contracted with Connotations for a series of SEO articles. We have delivered those articles to your satisfaction; now it’s time to put them to work. Do you know how? More importantly, do you know where to publish SEO articles so as to maximise their effectiveness as marketing tools?

Identifying the best places to publish articles is something we get asked about a lot. Clients want to know what to do with the work we produce under the assumption that publishing everything on their own websites will not yield the best results. That is a correct assumption. Producing articles above and beyond regular blog posts is designed to drive traffic and establish your organisation as an authority in your industry. That’s hard to do if your articles never get beyond the confines of your own site.

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In addition to your site, here are some suggestions for the best places to publish SEO articles:

Social Media Sites

There is little debate over the importance of social media as an SEO marketing tool. The online world all but exists within the social media sphere. You need to be taking advantage of social media by publishing articles wherever you have the opportunity. We can use LinkedIn and Facebook as examples.

LinkedIn is a social media site for business professionals. Right within your profile you can publish quality articles that will show up on your page. Anyone who has chosen to follow you will be notified when an article is published. Furthermore, you can publish articles to any groups you belong to, making it possible for you to reach all your contacts in one fell swoop.

Distributing SEO articles through Facebook can be done in a number of ways. You can simply share a link to a post placed somewhere else, or you can embed the article on your page or in your group. If it is a short article of 500 words or less, you can post it as a simple comment. Anything larger should be posted by creating a document within your group or on your page. Your completed document will be posted along with a link just as if you had shared an external link.

Industry Directories

It is quite likely that the industry you are involved in is supported by multiple online directories. Such directories are excellent places to publish articles. Bear in mind that not all directories accept outside content, but most do. It is simply a matter of looking at their content guidelines.

Local News Outlets

Local news outlets are known to accept outside content as long as it is genuinely informational in nature. They are not likely to accept advertising copy unless you are willing to pay standard ad rates. The key to publishing SEO articles via local news outlets is producing content the average reader is interested in.

Other Sites and Blogs

An emerging trend in SEO article marketing is something known as guest posting. Guest posting occurs on sites that actually solicit content from third-party contributors, though they don’t usually pay for it. This arrangement benefits both parties. The site owner gets all the content necessary to fill the site while guest posters get free publicity. Guest posts are especially helpful when they include back links to your website.

Press Release Distributors

This last suggestion – press release distributors – is not appropriate for everyone. Press releases are a specific kind of content that need to be written in a certain way in order to be effective. However, if Connotations is producing press releases for you, there is no better way to distribute them than sending them to dedicated distribution services.

SEO articles are great marketing tools when properly written and targeted to the right audience. But they only reach their full potential when you get them out into the digital universe – where people can find and read them!

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