Why It Makes Sense to Outsource Your Promotional Articles

We spend a lot of time online researching the various topics we are tasked with writing about. We also spend time on writer forums as a means of connecting with other writers and sharing ideas. During one of our recent visits, we stumbled across a thread devoted to the concept of convincing prospective clients why it makes sense to outsource their promotional articles.

The thread began with a thought that we writers know is common among website owners: “I am an expert in my industry, I should be writing my own promotional articles. English is my native language AND I have a computer, so I’m all set!” In reality, speaking skills and computer ownership do not a writer make.

Site Pro News’ Steve Shaw makes an excellent case for outsourcing all of your written content in a column published on June 17 (2014). We strongly recommend you read it if you are website owner. However, we would like to take some of his thoughts and concentrate them on promotional articles. By definition, a promotional article is designed to impart some sort of information that promotes your product or service over the competition.

Here are three reasons why outsourcing your promotional articles to a company such as Connotations makes sense:

1. Effective Writing Is a Skill

In his column, Shaw addresses two common problems that plague website owners: writing is not a strong point and English is not the native language. In light of both problems, it is safe to say that effective writing is a skill that requires some measure of training, lots of practice, and the knowledge that only experience imparts.

Even though you are an expert within your industry, communicating your expertise through writing is not as easy as it sounds. Moreover, any credible SEO expert with a proven track record will tell you that poor writing is one of the quickest ways to ruin your reputation as an expert in your field.

2. Effective Writing Takes Time

There is no getting around the fact that effective writing takes time – in both the short and long terms. For example, a professional writer can put together a quality 500-word promotional article in 20 to 30 minutes (research not withstanding). However, that is only because writing is what he or she does for a living. For a non-professional to produce the same quality could take hours.

Second, professionals invest countless hours over years of writing to hone their skills. The website owner who only puts together a few articles per month is not putting in the time necessary to produce consistent quality. Remember, nothing worth accomplishing is accomplished quickly.

3. Effective Writing Is Not What You Do Best

Perhaps the most important reason for outsourcing promotional articles to a company such as Connotations is the undeniable fact that effective writing is not what you do best. So why spend precious time and resources on something that is not your strong point? You should be investing yourself in your area of expertise.

The time you spend writing could be better spent expanding your knowledge base as an expert in your industry. It could be better spent developing new ways to better serve your customers. In other words, invest your time and resources in the core operations of your business. Leave the marketing aspects to the experts.

Connotations is one of the few article writing services that specialise in producing web content, including promotional articles, for site owners just like you. We can produce high quality articles that will promote your products and services in a way that presents you and your company as experts in your field. We can also produce blog posts, B2B and B2C copy, web page content, newsletters, product descriptions, white papers, and a full range of content for your printed literature.



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