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At Connotations, our b2c copywriting service provides you with the words you need to sell your products or services

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The internet is driven by consumers, so selling your products or services in this hugely competitive marketplace requires you to stand out from the crowd. You have to come up with something that commands attention and pulls on the emotions of the reader – two characteristics typified by b2c writing.

B2C copywriting is all about speaking to the consumer, telling them what they want to hear and moving this audience in a way that compels them to buy.

B2C selling means establishing a common interest between seller and buyer, a bond that can only be created through the power of the written word. At Connotations, our b2c copywriting service provides you with the words you need to sell your products or services – words that not only speak to the consumer, but to the person as well. Our professional b2c writing experts are experienced in producing copy that gets results – we put this down to one outstanding quality: writing for people.

B2C Copywriting – Build Trust, Build Relationships

Good B2C content must deliver on a number of levels; it must inform, build trust, convince, and convert.

The Connotations B2C copywriting service delivers on every aspect and does this by appealing to the individual. In business, trust builds relationships and relationships build sales. To generate sales and enhance your online reputation, it is essential that your copy instil trust in the buyer. Our b2c writing specialists take time to understand your business, your audience, and your marketing objectives to produce copy that creates a bond between you and the consumer. We deliver content that:

  • immediately grabs attention
  • is clear and unambiguous
  • builds rapport
  • speaks in a way that is appealing
  • answers questions
  • motivates the reader into taking action.

Generating interest in your business is one thing; turning that interest into revenue is whole other prospect.

Connotations can provide you with the copy that achieves that and turns watchers into buyers. Good b2c content must inform, build trust, convince, and convert - always Click To Tweet

B2C Copywriting – It’s a Game of Emotions

Your company has a story to tell; telling it in the right way is the difference between success and failure. B2C copywriting is that which tells your story, using the right words to put across your message in a way that captivates and grabs attention. A b2c writing specialist is the word wizard that must cast a spell over your audience, convincing them to put their faith in you, helping them to understand why they should trust you. In the competitive world of b2c content marketing, every word counts – and every second counts too. A b2c copywriting company must work their magic quickly or risk losing a potential client forever.

Get your b2c content written by the b2c writing experts at Connotations. Contact us for a quote.

Five (Milli-) Seconds to Thrill

There is a general rule of thumb in b2c content marketing that a visitor should be able to figure out who you are, what you do, and how you can help them, within five seconds. Doesn’t seem like a lot, does it? If only it were actually this long. In reality, first impressions of your website are made within a split second – in a blink of an eye. It takes a visitor around 50 milliseconds to form an opinion of your website that determines whether they like it or not. If they’re not satisfied with what they see within that fraction of a second, they’re out of there; gone for good – probably to a competitor. We live in a world of information overload. People want results immediately. They do not want to spend a minute searching around your website to see if you can help them. And you can’t blame them; the next website is only ever a couple of clicks away. B2C writing, when done well, will make that first impression count. It will capture the attention of the visitor with a well-written headline and earn you an extra few crucial seconds or minutes in which to serenade them words. Once a visitor is in, b2c copywriting can work its magic at greater length, producing comprehensive, entertaining descriptions of what you do and how you do it better than anybody else. Think of good b2c copywriting like this … Imagine that you could do with a new pair of shoes. You don’t need new shoes, the ones on your feet are just fine but, for whatever reason, you want them. You are in town one day for a different reason but happen to walk past a shoe store. You have remembered that you wanted shoes. This store could be the place to get them, but is it the right place for you? The store has to convince you. The name is good: ‘World of Shoes’; the range of shoes seems good too: ‘100s of brand name shoes at affordable prices’. You’re in. You are now browsing the vast range shoes and you find the assistance of the staff very helpful. The store has now earned your trust and you are prepared to do business with them. Five minutes later, after having journeyed into town for something completely different, you are walking out of the shop the happy owner of some new shoes. Your website is your storefront and the content is that ever-so helpful member of staff. Good b2c writing draws the visitor in and then provides them with the assistance they need to trust and invest in what you have to offer. Customers have emotional reasons for certain purchases, but need to justify them with logic. Your business is the voice of reason.

In the competitive world of b2c writing, every word counts.

B2C is not B2B

Business-to-consumer copywriting and business-to-business (B2B) copywriting are so often thought of as one in the same. Nevertheless, they are not the same and approaching b2c content marketing with a b2b strategy does not work. B2B is all about building business relationships and buying decisions tend to be focused on increased productivity and profitability. Buyers need to be provided with information that educates them on how a product or service can save time and money. Buying for business has long-term consequences and customers tend to make decisions rationally. B2C is much more emotional and directed at a much wider audience. Sales in b2c are product driven. Buyers need to know what a product offers and will make a purchasing decision based on emotional factors such as trend, status, and desire. B2B copywriting focuses on growing a working bond with organisations and brand recognition with customers, while b2c copywriting is aimed at the one-step sales process.

Write to the Masses, Speak to the Consumer

In B2C, the customer is completely in control of what they are going to buy, so their thought process is relatively straightforward: learn about the product or service, make a decision, and proceed to checkout. The time it takes them to make this decision, and whether they buy from you, is determined by your copy. In order to appeal to a wide audience, your copywriting must speak to the individual. This is a one-person operation and you have to make it personal. Copy must pull on the heartstrings, engage readers, and even make them laugh. The more emotionally involved a visitor becomes, the more inclined they will be to just go for it. Consumers are not business experts and they are not overly interested in how your product or service is created. They simply want to know how to use it and how it can make their life easier. Power words need to be used regularly and adjectives sparingly to create a light-hearted piece that strikes a chord. The more you are able to evoke emotions, the greater the likelihood of a person remembering your copy. Because of this personal approach, b2c writing can work across the board. While your website should always remain the hub of your online activity, well-written sales copy can be used in blogs, newsletters, and on social media.  All you need are the right words, written by the right b2c copywriter or b2c content provider. You already have the store and the products – let Connotations be the member of staff that provides the helping hand that seals the deal. Check out our b2c copywriting service and get the copy you need to turn your products from ‘wants’ into must-haves.


What exactly is B2C copywriting?

B2C is an acronym that stands for ‘business-to-consumer’ (or ‘business-to-customer’ in some circles). Therefore, B2C copywriting is a form of content creation that generates highly descriptive, sales-oriented copy targeted at retail consumers. One of the most common forms of B2C copywriting are the product descriptions that accompany items on a retail website. For example, we serve several clients who specialise in all-natural skin care products targeted mainly at women. We may produce descriptive copy for each of their products as well as new copy when additional products are released. B2C copywriting can also include things such as sales slogans, social media blasts, promotional adverts, and landing page content. In essence, copy is any kind of content designed to convert casual visitors into paying customers with as few words as possible.

Are your B2C copywriting services expensive?

Connotations works very hard to provide all our writing services at a price customers can afford. We believe we remain competitive in this regard. Having said that, claiming that our B2C copywriting services are expensive or inexpensive is not possible. We price every job separately. Pricing your job would involve a brief conversation to determine exactly what you are after. Furthermore, pricing depends on the kind of content you order, how detailed it must be, the total volume of the job you are offering, and other factors. You can be confident that we will do everything we can to make our services as amenable to your budget as possible. If we can make it happen for your business, we will.

How can I place an order for B2C Copywriting?

The best way to place a B2C copywriting order with us is to contact us through this website or call and speak to one of our representatives. At the top of this page is a big blue arrow, below that is a contact form that you can complete and submit quickly. We will respond to your inquiry via e-mail or telephone. If you are not sure exactly what you are after, we recommend calling us directly. This gives us an opportunity to ask the kinds of questions that will give us the information we need to complete your order. It also offers you the chance to ask questions of us. You’ll find our phone number listed on any page across the top of the website. When placing an order, please be prepared with all the details necessary to thoroughly explain what you need.

What is the process for completing B2C copy?

Connotations follows a specific process for producing B2C copy. It starts with taking the order from the customer. When we accept orders, we also take the time to ask questions to thoroughly understand what the client needs. There are some instances in which follow-up questions are necessary. Once we have a B2C copy order in hand, it is assigned to a writer capable of completing the work. That writer produces the content, which is then submitted to the client for approval. At that point, it’s up to the client to decide whether to accept the work or send it back for revisions. Our goal is to make sure every client is satisfied before billing. Therefore, we are more than happy to make revisions requested by the client.

Are conversion rates considered in your B2C writing?

The fact that B2C content is clearly aimed at consumers makes it imperative that content producers consider conversion rates when creating content. Connotations writers can be counted on to do just that. All our B2C content is intended to enhance the client’s ability to reach potential customers with information that will encourage them to make a positive decision before leaving the website. This is not to say that B2C content guarantees better conversion rates. It does not. Content is just one of many factors that play a role in determining whether casual visitors are converted to paying customers. B2C content that is well written and appropriate is content that encourages website visitors to do something with the information they gleaned. That is the ultimate goal.

Can Connotations help identify a target B2C audience?

As a firm with years of experience in online marketing and B2C writing, we can help clients identify target audiences to a certain degree. Please bear in mind that we are not experts in every sector. The experience we do have might be helpful to you in understanding who you should be targeting B2C content toward, based on the business you are involved in and the kinds of customers you usually sell to. We do our best to use our experience to the advantage of our clients. To that end, it never hurts to ask. If we have previous experience that will help you identify your target audience, we would be happy to share it with you.

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