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What is included in your blog writing service?
Connotations’ blog writing service is an all-inclusive service designed to meet all your blogging needs. It is based on the knowledge that blogging is a powerful tool for increasing SEO performance and engaging website visitors. We can create blogs on just about any topic and at whatever length the customer requires.

Blogging is a practice that more website owners are implementing for marketing purposes. To that end, the blog posts we produce for clients can be targeted toward marketing specific products or services as the client desires. We can create enough posts to update your blog daily, weekly or monthly. It’s entirely up to you.

Please bear in mind that the quality of a website’s blog posts has a profound effect on SEO performance. Connotations takes a great deal of pride in the quality of our work in that it reflects on our business as well as that of our clients.

How often should I be updating my blog?
This is a question we get a lot from clients, and one that is difficult to answer. Unfortunately, there are as many different answers as there are blog writers. Our advice to clients is to consider the purpose of their blog posts in order to determine how frequently to update.

If the purpose of your blog is simply to increase SEO performance, updating once a week would be sufficient as long as your content is of high quality and relevance. If your goal is to also increase reader engagement, updating should be addressed more frequently. Sites with an intense amount of competition should probably update every day while those with less competition could update two or three times per week. The Connotations blog writing service, we can produce as many blog posts as you need. We employ only the very best UK blog writers.

How do you come up with blog topics?
The Connotations blog post writing service has plenty of clients who provide blog topics for us with every new order placed. However, most of our clients leave that to us. We simply ask for a list of generic keywords or phrases along with a few topic categories to give us some guidance; we take it from there.

Coming up with topics for blog posts requires a bit of research on our part. We do our best to figure out the pulse of the target audience in order to understand what kinds of topics interest them. We strive for topics that are relevant and useful. At times, we also choose topics that can be somewhat controversial in order to stir the pot and start a conversation. Ultimately, however, the client has the final say in all blog topics we choose.

Do you source your blog content?
One of the best parts about blog writing is that it is wide open in terms of topic and angle. When a blog post includes specific information that needs to be backed up by credible sources, we include links to our sources at the bottom of the piece. Connotations blog writing service clients can choose whether to include the sources or leave them off when they post.

We recommend sourcing blog material whenever information is presented as fact rather than opinion. So if we were to say that 50% of our readers want content dealing with blogs, for example, we would back that statistic up with a source. As a side note, we always do our best to choose credible sources that are easily verified through an independent search. We do not take responsibility for sources that provide inaccurate information, though.

Who is credited as the author of the blog posts you write?
Our role as a blog post writing service is one of producing blog posts that are ultimately owned by the client who purchases it. Think of it as similar to a car. The car manufacturer produces a product they will sell to you, a product you are free to do with as you see fit once you have paid for it. The blog posts produced by Connotations UK blog writers work the same way.

As the client, you are free to do whatever you wish with the blog posts you pay for. If you want to list yourself as the author, that’s fine. You can also list a member of your staff, a friend or family member, or even leave your blog posts anonymous. Our blog writers would certainly never turn down the opportunity to be given credit for what they produce, but we do not require such credit. We simply create content that clients ultimately take ownership of.

What is the best way to use blogs to promote my company?
It has been our experience that there are three primary ways to use blog writing to boost your business. First is to create a blog section on your company website where you will post on a regular schedule. New blog posts aren’t necessary every day, but it’s good to post at least a few times per week.

The second option is to produce blog posts for other sites somehow related to yours. In fact, it’s very common for site owners to accept guest posts in order to reduce their own workload and add a fresh perspective to their sites. A third option, which is similar, is to produce blog posts for informational sites powered by contributions from readers. All three options afford you the opportunity to reach your audience via blogging.

Is it wise to allow comments on blog posts?
The question about comments and blog posts is a tricky one. On the one hand, allowing comments is a good way to strengthen your SEO position by letting search engines know that your site is regularly updated and invites heavy customer interaction. On the other hand, allowing comments can also be an open door to undesirable conduct on your website. We would say that if you decide to allow comments, you assign someone to monitor those comments in order to filter out unwanted remarks. Otherwise, comments could end up negatively affecting your online reputation and SEO performance.

How Can a Blog Help My Business?
One of the services we offer at Connotations is a blog writing service. We offer it because we know that daily blog posting can help our customers grow their businesses. How so? Well there are a number of practical ways.

First and foremost, search engines look favourably on websites that are updated regularly. A daily blog post provides a daily update that shows the search engines you are investing in your website. This will improve your search rankings and, hopefully, drive new traffic to your site.

A second practical way that blogging helps your business is that it establishes your company as an authority in your industry. Blogging is a way to provide insight into what you do, tell your customers about important industry news, or just expound on a topic you find yourself answering many questions about. Blogging is a way to carry on a continual conversation with your customers.

Connotations offer our clients a blog post writing service capable of providing content as often as needed. Our experienced UK blog writers conduct the necessary research, write the blog posts, and do anything else they can to present the client in the best possible light.

Are Regular Blog or Website Updates Necessary?
One of the biggest misunderstandings of the internet is that a company can build a blog or website and then ignore it, yet still achieve the desired results. This is not true. A business owner can no more ignore his/her website than his counterpart of two decades ago could ignore regular marketing campaigns. A lack of ongoing website action leads to internet obscurity.

The point of having a website is to take advantage of the internet to reach a larger base of customers. However, in order to reach those customers, a website needs to be easily found. And what’s the best way to find it? Through search engines such as Google. Here’s where the idea of regular blog or website updates comes in.

Google indexes hundreds of millions of web pages on a continual cycle that never ends. It then ranks those web pages based on number of factors. If the search algorithm comes across a website that has not been updated in quite a while, it could assume that this website is no longer active. The site is then dropped to the bottom of the list. As you can see, regular website updates are necessary if a business owner wants his/her site to be successful.

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A blog is one of the cornerstones of a successful website as well as being one of the most important marketing tools for effective business. It offers a great way to inform and engage with your audience while driving traffic to your website; it also provides the opportunity for you to get your brand and your message heard far and wide, exploring new avenues and generating fresh leads. However, despite these obvious benefits, many businesses do not take advantage of blogs and blog posting as a viable marketing strategy – either because these don’t know how useful it can be, or there is simply no time or the skill necessary to be blog writers and produce blog posts that get results. Fortunately, Connotations is here to help you realise your potential thanks to our blog writing service. Regular blog posts on your own website can help give your business:

  • a human face
  • a respected and established voice
  • authority within your market
  • more visitors
  • increased revenue
  • a prominent search engine ranking.

To achieve any of the above benefits though, blog posts must be one thing above all else: quality.


Blogging is an art, requiring a high level of artisanship and a particular set of skills – Connotations’ team of UK blog writers have mastered this art.


Blog Writing Service – Quality is Key

In an age in which search engines favour quality above all else, a blog post that is not written and structured in a highly professional manner will simply fail to get results. Connotations blog post writing service is all about quality – it’s what we strive for.

Blogging is an art, requiring a high level of artisanship and a particular set of skills – Connotations’ team of UK blog writers have mastered this art.

Through research of your brand, objectives, and target audience, we offer a blog writing service that leaves a lasting impression on your readers, ensuring that your business is fully established within their minds as the best in its class. Our blog writing services can be as simple as writing and delivering a blog post to you, for you to do as you wish, when you wish, or, we can write, upload, and publish your blog posts for you. Whatever is best – or easiest – for you or your business, we can make it happen. Take a look at what our blog writing service can offer you:

  • writing the content
  • uploading and posting to your blog
  • adding relevant images
  • completing the meta data
  • socially sharing the posts
  • ensuring your blog is always updated to the latest version
  • ensuring plugins are always updated to the latest version.

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Business Blogging – Why Everyone Is Doing It and Why You Should Be Too

In 1997, three years after had become the first ever blog, John Barger coined the term ‘weblog’ to reflect the process of ‘logging the web’. In 1999, computer programmer Peter Merholz had the smarts to shorten weblog to the cooler sounding ‘blog’. This new term became the Merriam-Webster word of the year in 2004 and proceeded, over the next decade, to entwine itself into the very fabric of the internet.

Blogging today is enormous; you cannot escape it. From personal ramblings to current news, anyone who is anyone is blogging and attempting to appeal to readers that view more than 17.6 billion pages every month on WordPress alone.

If you are reading this as a person with a business website but no blog, let us show you a few statistics that demonstrate the kind of benefits you are missing out on, benefits that Connotations’ blog writing service can help you out with:

  • companies with blogs have 97% more inbound links
  • websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages
  • websites with blogs have 97% more indexed links
  • 80% of daily blog visits are new
  • 77% of internet users read blogs
  • 23% of internet time is spent on blogs and social network.

There are plenty more stats where these came from, all of them promoting the same message: blogging is great.

Blogging is an excellent way to communicate and an incredibly powerful way to market your business, but only if you are pursuing the right type of blogging and making a really good job of it.

Blogging is an excellent way to communicate and an incredibly powerful way to market a business Click To Tweet


The Connotations blog writing service is waiting to serve you. Contact us for a quote.


Business Blogging Isn’t the Same as Regular Blogging

A blog is a piece of short form content that is posted to the ‘blog’ page of a website from where it can be seen by the people of the internet. That is something that will never change, irrespective of the content or subject matter.

A business blog, however, cannot be placed in the same category as a regular blog and this is for two reasons:

  1. It is not a personal blog and writing it, while fun, is not done as a hobby.
  2. It is not the primary way you make your money. It can certainly make a big difference to the money you make, but it is not your sole source of revenue as it is for people that sell ad space or rely on AdWords.

A business blog is designed to support growth by driving traffic to your website and turning that traffic into something tangible such as a lead or conversion. It is, therefore, a marketing channel in much the same way as email marketing or social media.

Why You Need to Blog

As we have shown with the earlier statistics, everything points in favour of blogging as a business. The reason you should be doing it is to be seen. Blogging helps people find you in a way that your website alone cannot do.

93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, which means there is more than a nine-in-ten chance that someone looking for a business similar to yours will do so via a search engine. And the best way to be found via a search engine? Have a strong presence – one with many different webpages.

Running a blog means consistently creating new webpages and giving search engines plenty of content to index. The more you publish blog posts, the greater your online visibility will become and the easier it will be for people to find you.

The visibility aspect of blogging, and the subsequent traffic, also goes beyond search engines; giving you the opportunity to be discovered through social media. Every new post you publish is a new piece of content that can be shared across social channels, helping to put your brand in front of an audience that may never have even heard of you.

Blogs attract strangers, who become visitors that turn into leads, and end up as customers who promote your products and services to friends and followers. Produce quality content and blogging is a never-ending merry-go-round that keeps on giving.

Blogging using a blog writing service is a low-cost way to enhance your SEO and boost traffic. Doing it regularly really bodes well for traffic: blogs that post daily get five-times more traffic than those that post weekly or less, and blogs that accumulate 51 posts see traffic increase by 53%. This percentage only grows with every post – three-times after 100 posts and 4.5 times after 200 posts.


Blogging is an excellent way to communicate and an incredibly powerful way to market your business.


Establishing Your Authority

We have already covered the biggest benefit of blogging, which is traffic, as well as the whole reason you should be blogging in the first place, but the good stuff does not end there. Business blogging gives you the perfect platform to show readers that you know what you are talking about – a chance to help your audience and establish yourself as a thought-leader in your industry.

Blog content provides answers to common questions of your target audience – arming them with information, while at the same time building your reputation as an authority in your niche. The more you are able to help people through your blog, the more respect you will earn and the more people will trust you with their custom.

You’re a Guest, Have the Floor

Once you established your authority on your own blog, it is time to showcase your knowledge far and wide through guest blogging.

Guest blogging involves you publishing a post on a reputable, industry-related site and impressing readers from that site with your expertise. While guest blogging for SEO purposes is a no-no, a website giving you the floor, offers the chance for you to build your network and bring in fresh traffic. You will also earn bragging rights and be able to use the gig to earn guest spots on other relevant websites.

Publish a good blog post today and it will reward you for months, even years to come. The benefits and potential for online success that blogging brings can really set your business apart. To make the most of this powerful marketing channel, get in touch with Connotations today and let our blog writing service team help you take your business the next level.

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