Blog Writing: How to Keep the Ideas Coming

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So, your website has a blog section you had every intention of keeping updated when you first started it years ago. But somehow it has languished to the point that it hasn’t been updated in who knows how long. We know how it goes. To that end, Connotations offers a blog writing service aimed at helping clients keep their sites fresh and exciting. And like you, we know that the biggest enemy to blog writing is a lack of ideas.

We see blogs suffering from a lack of ideas all the time. Fortunately, we are able to come in and rescue our customers by providing fresh, new content that not only brings readers back but also enhances SEO performance. We can keep blog content fresh because we know how to come up with a regular stream of new ideas.

Do you have a blog that is languishing for lack of ideas? If so, here are some of the strategies we use to keep the ideas flowing:

  • Be a News Consumer – The daily news is a tremendous source of ideas regardless of the main topic of your blog. So be a news consumer. Find three or four sources of news relevant to your topic and read them every day.
  • Ask A Lot of Questions – Most company blogs are squarely aimed at customer engagement. One of the best ways to engage effectively is to ask your customers what they want to know. Find out what kind of information they want and then write blog posts to meet those needs.
  • Tell Stories – Every blog post you publish doesn’t have to be highly technical or motivational. Sometimes it is good to just sit down and tell your readers a story. They will enjoy hearing what’s going on with you and your company.
  • Be a Translator – Some of the most popular blogs on the internet enjoy a tremendous amount of readership because they make the difficult easy to understand. If you are short on ideas, try being a translator. In other words, take some concept that is well-known within your industry and translate it into the kind of language your customers understand. They will appreciate it.
  • Browse Competitor Sites – Although you may hate to admit it, sometimes your competitors come up with great ideas you never thought of. Don’t be afraid to browse competitor sites to find out what they are saying. These can be a great source of new blog ideas.
  • Look for a New Angle – Many bloggers mistakenly believe that once an idea is used it must be put on the shelf, never to be used This is an unnecessary mistake. It is actually a good thing to reuse a past idea so as to present it from a different angle. There are multiple ways to look at everything, right?

There are certainly other ways to keep the ideas flowing. But it does take effort. The secret is not to allow yourself to assume it is possible to run out of ideas. The minute you start thinking that, the easier it will be to stagnate. On the other hand, if your mindset is one of looking around for new ideas as you go through your daily routine, you might find there are a lot of things you can write about that never occurred to you before.

If blog writing is something you are committed to, we hope the suggestions made here will help you with a continual stream of new ideas. Better yet, give Connotations a shout. We’d be happy to handle your blog writing for you.

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