How to Make Money with a Blogging Website

Some 15 years ago, the blogosphere was in its infancy. Anyone with a small amount of writing talent could construct a blog, sell a bit of advertising, and make some money from the comfort of home. In fact, some of the earliest bloggers in the business made excellent incomes by maintaining several blog websites simultaneously. Some these pioneers made it big, including founder Martin Lewis, who sold his website in 2012 for £87 million.

Not only is Lewis an exception to the rule, but things are considerably more complicated in today’s blog-saturated marketplace. You can still make money with a blogging website, but you are unlikely to repeat Lewis’ success unless you’re able to hit on a niche market no one else has touched. How much you make depends on what you are willing to do.

The first thing new bloggers need to know is that it is next to impossible to make a full-time living with a single blogging website. Not that it cannot be done; it can with the right kind of content and advertising. However, 99.9% of all bloggers who make actual money to do so as a part-time, supplemental venture. A person looking to earn a full-time living through blogging will probably have to maintain multiple sites.

How Money Is Made

The typical blogging website makes money using one primary resource and several supplemental resources. Below is a list of the most common ways to make money through blogging, as per student employment website e4s:

  • Sidebar Advertising – All of the big-name content management systems and online blogging platforms make space in the sidebar available for use in any way you see fit. As long as that space is available, you might consider contacting companies that offer products or services connected to your topic to see if they want to advertise with you.
  • Google AdWords – Google’s AdWords programme is not as powerful as it used to be, but it is still a good way to generate money using a blogging website. You can go directly to their website to learn more.
  • Banner Ads – In the old days of blogging, banner ads were one of the best ways to make money. Today those ads are rarely seen. Nonetheless, if you can find a company willing to sponsor a banner ad you could do fairly well.
  • Affiliate Marketing – One of the most popular ways to make money with blogging these days is through affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you embed links within your content to whatever company you are affiliated with. Purchases resulting from a click on your link represent commission you earn.
  • Sponsored Posts – Some larger companies invest sizeable amounts of money in sponsored posts. Attracting these types of sponsors requires a fair amount of traffic and a very reliable online reputation.

Each of these methods of making money has both advantages and disadvantages. All of them are worth looking into as potential money making opportunities. Beyond this, the successful blogger must also make sure a site is generating traffic and achieving good search engine ranking.

Traffic, Traffic and More Traffic

There is no getting around the fact that you cannot make money with a blogging website unless you are generating traffic. It is no different from a brick-and-mortar shop in the middle of town. If people are not coming into the store, they are not buying products off the shelf. A blog works the same way.

Generating traffic begins by producing high quality, relevant content that people are interested in reading. This is where most bloggers fall short. True, anyone can write a post and slap it up on a website. Nevertheless, not everyone can write an engaging post that captures the reader’s attention and demands he or she return to read the next post. This is where a company such as Connotations becomes invaluable.

Connotations’ writers are experts at creating effective and engaging blogs capable of generating traffic and achieving high page ranking results. Not only do we know how to create valuable content for your readers, we know how to do it in such a way as to maximise SEO benefits. Our combination of writing quality and SEO expertise translates into more traffic generated and higher search engine rankings.

Making money with a blogging website is possible even in today’s crowded marketplace. Anyone willing to operate multiple blog sites simultaneously could do very well financially. Connotations can help, by providing the content necessary to create and maintain money making blogs.

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