How to Become a Better Marketer with eBook Creation

The Tesco supermarket chain announced in late January 2015 that it would be closing down its ebook service known as Blinkbox Books. A month later, This Is Money reported that the prices of traditional printed books are once again on the rise in response to increased consumer demand. At first glance, the combination of these two stories would make it seem as though the ebook may be on its way out. Nevertheless, it is not. In fact, you can become a better marketer by embracing ebook creation.

Creating an ebook for your business or organisation can do a lot for your online reputation. Before we get to that however, we should point out that the struggles of the ebook industry at the retail level have little to do with consumer demand for written material. The fact that paper books are making a comeback is evidence that people still want the written word. The difficulty with ebooks these days is that the market has been flooded by poor quality material that people do not actually want to read. This is where ebook creation comes in as a marketing tool.

There are two things to look at in this regard:

1. Marketing Your Company

The whole concept of marketing is to present prospective customers with a product or service that you can provide and they want. The marketer who can successfully convey both messages is one who will succeed in generating sales. An ebook is a great tool for doing just that.

eBook Creation

The first thing to understand is that, by virtue of operating a business or other organisation, you have some sort of specialised knowledge that other people need. By making that knowledge available through an ebook, you are marketing your business or organisation as an authority on your chosen topic. For example, consider an ebook Connotations might publish regarding how to effectively use white papers and case studies. Both kinds of writing require a bit of technical knowledge if they are to accomplish their intended goals. Moreover, few people know how to write case studies and white papers correctly.

Creating and marketing an ebook for this purpose would establish Connotations as an authority on this topic. As long as we continued to deliver what we promised in terms of our white papers and case studies, our ebook would help reach new customers with our service.

2. Ebooks and SEO

Our second consideration is how ebook creation can directly affect SEO. There are a number of ways. Right off the top, creating an ebook for your company or organisation allows you to create a couple of different pages on your site to deal with it. You might have a landing page, a description and purchase page, and a third page on which readers could leave comments or write reviews. All three pages can include SEO-rich text that would help improve search engine rankings.

Another way that ebook creation can be used for SEO purposes is to generate links. In other words, customers who read your book could write and publish reviews elsewhere, then link those reviews back to your main page. Every link that generates traffic is a link that will be looked favourably upon by Google and the other search engines.

Lastly, Google places a lot of weight on websites that receive excessive traffic. So even without a load of links and backlinks, the mere fact that people want your ebook could result in extra traffic that the search engines look favourably on.

What You Write Is Important

All of what has been said here is obviously dependent on creating an ebook that people want to read. Connotations can help. You may have information people want to know without necessarily possessing the ability to construct a well-written piece. On the other hand, maybe you can write effectively but just do not have the time. In either case, Connotations offers ebook creation at affordable prices.

We can create your ebook from the information you supply us. We can do as little or as much as you need, from complete writing and formatting to supplying limited portions of text. By the time your ebook is ready to be sold or given away, you will have something more than capable of marketing your company and improving SEO performance.


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