Why You Should Create a Newsletter to Go Along With Your Blog

SEO experts will tell you that a digital newsletter delivered via e-mail is an old marketing technique that no longer achieves the results it used to. They also say that using a blog is a much better way to reach customers because it invites interaction. Both suppositions are probably correct in most cases. However, that does not mean the digital newsletter is dead. In fact, we recommend our clients create a newsletter to go along with their blogs.

You might be thinking that doing both is simply too much work for a minimal amount of benefit. We hope to convince you otherwise. If you can master the art of supplementing your blog with a newsletter, you can increase your traffic and your conversion rate at the same time.

The Conversation

SEO experts heavily promote the blog because it invites conversation between site owner and reader. Blogs are produced one post at a time, being left open for comments that are just ripe for harvesting SEO rewards. The icing on the cake is those exceptional blog posts that are shared via Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. So how does this relate to the newsletter?

The digital newsletter comes into play by reminding your customers to check out your blog. This reminder is necessary because of the reality of information overload. Consider the fact that most websites with an ongoing blog allow readers to follow by adding the blog to their RSS feeds. The problem is that the average blog reader signs up for so many blogs that the RSS feed quickly becomes too congested to deal with. Readers simply stop checking their feeds because they are tired of sorting through an endless stream of titles. The result is that they stop reading your posts.

If you create a newsletter that includes a reminder to check out your latest blog posts, you can bring back readers who previously abandoned you by ignoring their RSS feeds.

Not convinced it will work? Here is a couple of statistics that might change your mind:

  • 22.87% of business e-mail sent in the UK are opened by recipients
  • the click-to-open rate for business e-mails is 14.25%
  • the click-through rate for business e-mails is 3.26%
  • 68% of businesses using e-mail marketing rate it as excellent for return on investment
  • those same businesses attribute as much as 23% of their sales to e-mail marketing.

There is a decided difference between legitimate business e-mail and spam. And guess what? Your customers can tell the difference. The vast majority of customers who sign up to receive your newsletter are likely to at least open it, if not read it. That is all you are after when combining a newsletter with your blog.

Making It Work

When you create a newsletter to supplement your blog, the idea is not to overload your readers with news. They do not have time for that. The point is to get them to read your blog and join the conversation. So how do you make it work?

First, keep the newsletter short and sweet. If there is anything about your company that you believe your readers need to know, be as concise and to the point as possible. Then follow that ‘hard news’ with links to your blog posts. However, beware: do not publish the full text of your posts in your newsletter. Provide a short but intriguing description instead. This description will drive them to your website to read the entire blog.

Connotations is confident that creating a newsletter to supplement your blog will drive more traffic to your site and increase the potential of your conversion rates. We have seen it happen already. If you need help, we can create a newsletter for you, provide you with regular blog posts, or do both. Our experienced team of writers can provide the content you need to present your company and your website in the best possible light, helping you to generate more customers and grow your business.

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