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Are press releases something Connotations does frequently?
Yes, press releases are one of the most popular forms of content we produce. We consider ourselves experts in this area due to our many years of producing high-quality press releases for a variety of clients in multiple countries. We have written press releases covering everything from rock concerts to company expansions to major corporate announcements. Connotations press releases are designed to give clients maximum exposure for major company news. Clients can take the press releases we write and release them themselves, send them through established press release distribution services, or let us do it for them for an additional fee. We follow one of two standard formats unless the client specifically requests something different, in which case we are more than happy to oblige. Press releases can be as detailed or broad-based as the client desires.
How long does it take to create a press release?
In terms of the actual writing process, a high-quality press release can be produced in a couple of hours. Scheduling is a different matter. We understand that press releases are time sensitive due to the nature of the information within. Therefore, we do our absolute best to deliver press releases as quickly as we possibly can. In most cases, at least several days’ lead time is appropriate. We can produce press releases on an emergency basis if need be, but please bear in mind that our daily schedule tends to be full for weeks in advance. If you know that you will need a press release coinciding with a major company announcement that is still several weeks off, getting in touch with us so we can pencil you in right away is best.
Do you follow any format for creating press releases?
Most forms of business writing involve some sort of standard format the industry has agreed on over the years. Press releases are an excellent example. There are fewer than half-a-dozen standard formats accepted by journalism organisations and press release distribution services, though some organisations have developed their own proprietary formats for press releases. Connotations writers utilise the two most often used formats as a framework for press releases. Of course, we are always happy to accommodate clients who are looking for something different. Ultimately, the client decides what the final product will look like. If you are looking for something outside one of the standard formats, please be prepared to explain exactly what you are looking for when you place your order. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Is contact information required for press releases?
There is no legal or industry obligation to include contact information in a press release. However, not including contact information is to defeat the purpose of issuing a press release. A press release is intended to inform the target audience of important company information for the purposes of encouraging follow-up. It’s not possible to follow up if contact information is not available. As a general rule, contact information includes company or organisation name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, and website address. It’s not absolutely necessary to include all of these things, but providing as much contact information as you can only increase the effectiveness of your press release. By the same token, limiting contact information generally encourages readers to question whether to follow up on your announcement. Readers tend to be suspicious of organisations that don’t provide adequate contact information.
We order press releases frequently; how often do you need updated information?
Regular press release customers are aware that we include ‘about’ and ‘contact’ information with every release written. This information is not only required for making a press release conform to standards, but it is also information that readers want to know. Including information in a press release is one of the things that creates authenticity and authority. To leave it out is to minimise the effectiveness of a press release. Having said that, publishing correct information is critical. Whenever you submit an order for a new press release, it would help if you also provided your contact and about information. Even if you don’t think something has changed, it’s still helpful to us just in case something has. Providing us with updated information with every press release guarantees that we get it right. Please bear in mind that rewrites necessitated by incorrect contact or about information may incur an additional fee.
Should my company be producing regular press releases?
While it’s a good idea to regularly produce blog posts and informational articles, press releases are different. They are a unique kind of writing that should only be undertaken when you have appropriate information to share with your customers. For example, press releases are ideal for announcing significant changes to the way you do business. If you make frequent changes, regular press releases might be the norm for you. But consider the effect that might have on your company’s reputation. Frequent changes might cause apprehension in your customers. On the other hand, you may use press releases less frequently in line with fewer changes taking place in your business. In short, use press releases when you have important news to announce. Otherwise, stick with blog posts and informational articles.
How much lead time is required for a press release?
Press releases are, by nature, time sensitive documents that have to hit the internet at just the right time. We understand that sometimes a press release is required within just a couple of hours of contacting Connotations. However, meeting the emergency requirements of clients is not always the easiest thing for us to do. We appreciate having as much lead time as possible. If you know an event is coming up in a couple of weeks, order your press release as soon as you know rather than waiting until the day before. The more lead time you give us, the easier it will be for us to fit your press release into our busy schedule.
If you are looking to give your business, service, or product vital exposure, the press release is the way to do it. This particular method of communication has been the number one public relations tool since media was invented and, when done correctly, can propel your business to a whole new level. Our press release writing service is ideally placed to craft your press releases.

We offer a press release writing service guaranteed to get your newsworthy announcement great exposure - prices starting at just £30!

The press release is the standard way of putting a newsworthy announcement across to targeted members of the media; newspapers, television and radio stations, websites, and influential bloggers thrive on these releases and are all keen to publish stories of new products and services that affect their readers, viewers, and listeners. A high-quality press release from the best press release service has the ability to position your company in the media spotlight, giving you a degree of publicity that cannot be found anywhere else. Our press release writing service delivers on every level, creating awareness for your time-sensitive announcement in a language that appeals to editors, journalists, and your audience, increasing your brand visibility and enhancing your credibility within the media and your field of expertise. And this is because our press release writer standards and expertise are second-to-none.

A Press Release for Your Business

How can a press release help your business? Quite simply, it can provide a platform that enables you to keep your customers up to date on important company business. You can use a press release writing service to create press releases that:

  • inform customers of a new retail location
  • announce the hiring of new staff
  • explain a shift in company strategy
  • introduce new products or services
  • release financial performance information.

These are just a few examples of how press releases are used in modern business. If you are unsure if this medium is appropriate for your business, the best press release service offered by Connotations can help. We would be more than happy to discuss your press release creation needs with you for the purposes of determining the most effective content appropriate to your goals.

The Connotations press release writing service employs a staff of experienced writers capable of producing all of the high-quality content you need. Our press releases follow standard formats to ensure the finished product meets all the requirements of press release management services and media outlets. Our press release writing service is an effective and affordable way for you to keep your customers informed of important company business.

Don't compromise on the quality of your press release - let Connotations' press release writing service write it! Let's chat ...


of top marketing tactics used by polled B2B marketers is the press release


of internet marketers state that press releases are 'very effective'


of internet marketers state that press releases are 'effective'


of B2B marketers use press releases to announce specific products or services

Getting you Heard – Our Press Release Writing Service

In this highly competitive and information-hungry world, you need to be heard. You need to deliver a message that sets you apart from the competition, appealing directly to your target market in a way that informs, enthuses, and benefits – we can provide exactly this with our press release writing service. Through in-depth research of your product, ambitions, and your intended audience, Connotations’ press release writing service will create the best press release, one that sparkles and ensures your business reaps the rewards that this media coverage can bring from:


  • sharing on social media
  • valuable SEO boosting backlinks
  • editor, journalist, and blog republishing
  • syndication on topical news sites.

If you have something to announce, announce it today in a powerful press release.

When a car repair technician sets about to begin work each day, he first opens his toolbox to make sure everything he needs is available and neatly organised. After all, the technician without his tools is not going to get much done. That technician also needs to be sure he has the right tools on hand for the jobs on the daily schedule. Different tools have different purposes, a truth every repair technician knows all too well. A press release writer is similar to a car technician in many ways. For example, writers have a selection of tools they work with in order to create the content customers are looking for. Each tool has a specific purpose. So a press release is not a blog post or a piece of advertising copy. It is a particular type of content used to achieve a specific goal. When used properly, the press release can be very effective in keeping customers informed. Entrepreneur magazine’s small business encyclopaedia defines the press release as follows:

A public relations announcement issued to the news media and other targeted publications for the purpose of letting the public know of company developments.

The two primary aspects that separate the press release from all other forms of business content are the public relations aspect and the subsequent release to the news media and other publications. Together they clarify the intent of the press release as being one of updating press outlets of important company developments. The press release is not intended for general consumption in the same way a blog post or advertising copy is.

Origins of the Press Release

When putting the press release in proper context, it is helpful to understand the origins of this kind of writing. History suggests that the first press release written with specific intent was produced in the early 1900s by an American public relations expert named Ivy Lee. Lee was working for the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1906 when a train operated by his company derailed, fell off a drawbridge and killed 53 people. He and his staff worked together to produce a press release that they hoped would be printed by newspapers before other, unofficial versions of the story broke. The point of this press release was to prevent rumours and suppositions from being printed as fact. To support what was written in his release, Lee invited journalists and photographers to the scene of the accident so they could see for themselves what had happened. The New York Times was so impressed with Lee’s writing that they printed his press release word-for-word, with no revisions. Lee’s decision to prevent speculation and rumour by releasing his company’s official statement set the tone for future press releases. Over the years, standards were developed to ensure that press releases were indeed news rather than advertising propaganda. Today’s press release writers adhere to those standards by relying on one of several different formats developed more than 50 years ago.

Elements of a Proper Press Release

The various elements that make up a proper press release are rather simple, and any press release writing service (should) utilise them. First is the headline. As with any other form of writing, the headline should be such that it catches the attention of potential readers and invites them to engage. For SEO purposes, the headline should also contain a keyword or phrase and be relevant to the body of the press release. Other elements of a proper press release include:

  • Location and Date – Because the press release is an official company statement issued to the news media, it should include the location of the company’s headquarters or, in the case of an announcement made elsewhere, the location at which the announcement was officially made. The announcement date should also be included.
  • Body of Information – The main body of the press release is the information the company is choosing to disseminate. It is typical to summarise the announcement in the first paragraph and then follow the summary with further explanations and details.
  • Company Overview – The text body should be followed by a paragraph or two providing an overview of the company issuing the press release. The overview simply tells the reader the most important aspects of the company, including what it does, how long it has been in business, etc.
  • Contact Information – Every press release should include appropriate contact information in case media outlets have questions. Although some business owners today are reluctant to provide contact information, it is essential. Nothing ruins credibility quite like providing a press release without contact information.
  • Official Quotes – Press releases should include at least one official quote from a company officer or representative. Multiple quotes add more credibility.

Some press release formats call for a summary to be printed above the headline in bold and italicised text. The point of this summary is to tell the reader what the press release is about so that he or she can gauge interest prior to engaging. The summary is an optional component; some writers prefer to use it while others do not. When considering press releases, keep in mind that the information contained within them is supposed to be newsworthy company information. Press releases are NOT supposed to be advertisements. Reputable press outlets and press release management organisations will reject any content they feel is nothing more than an advertisement being passed off as a press release. Furthermore, search engine algorithms are very adept at picking up on press releases disguised adverts. Companies that issue such releases risk being penalised by search engines.

“Most people I’ve talked to are convinced that they’re not getting valuable information from news media anymore. I’m not talking about tinfoil-hatters either; these are intelligent people who believe their news media has failed them.” ~ founder Drew Curtis

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