How to Order Press Release Writing Services

The press release has been a very helpful public relations tool since the first one was published in 1906 following a tragic train accident in Atlantic City, New Jersey (USA). Today, press releases are as popular as they have ever been for announcing important company news to the general public. The thing that has changed over the years is that there are firms that specialise in press release writing.

Contracting with professional writers to handle press releases is not a bad strategy. After all, professional writers are the best at what they do. The key to getting it right is being prepared before you order press release writing services so that you get the kind of finished product you’re expecting.

A professional press release service needs some basic information in order to do a good job:

Complete Contact Information

This item is first on our list because it is so often lacking when customers order press releases. Whether you know it or not, press releases are supposed to follow a specific format that establishes them as legitimate press release documents rather than advertisements. That format includes complete contact information. By ‘complete’ we mean company name, mailing address, telephone number, and website and e-mail information if applicable.

Failing to provide contact information means it cannot be included in the press release. And if it’s not included, you automatically give readers a legitimate reason to suspect the veracity of the information in the release. After all, why would you want to avoid being contacted if your press release is legitimate?

Your General Message

Press release writers need to know the general message you want to communicate with your press release. Let’s say you want to announce the hiring of a new chief executive officer. Your writer probably knows nothing about this person, what he or she brings to the table, and what your company wants the public to know about the hire. The writer can make things up, but what if he or she gets it wrong? That could give the proverbial black eye to your business and your new CEO.

If your press release has to do with a future event or the planned release of a new product or service, it is entirely appropriate to provide the writer with all the necessary details to be forthright and honest. Again, don’t expect a press release writer to make things up and get it right.

One or Two Quotes

As press releases are not supposed to be extended advertisements, search engines look for ways to authenticate the veracity of a press release. One of the best means to establish authenticity is to include one or two official quotes from authorised representatives. Quotes should be directly related to the content of the press release.

As an added benefit, quotes create authenticity in the minds of readers as well. There’s nothing wrong with that. Reading the actual words of a company representative adds a lot of weight to the rest of the information.

About Information

Lastly, the press release should contain some information about your organisation. Before you order press release writing services, decide what you want the ‘About’ section of the release to say. Keep in mind that this section is your opportunity to tell readers the most important details they need to know about your organisation so that they can accurately judge the rest of the information in the press release.

How do you order a press release? By putting together the above information and presenting it to your writing service (hopefully us) at the time you place your order. That’s all there is to it.

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