Should You Pay a Press Release Writing Service?

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Your company is getting ready to make a major announcement by way of a press release. One of the members of the administrative staff volunteers to save the company money by writing the press release herself. What do you do? Do you let the volunteer write it, or do you pay a press release writing service to handle the job?

The scenario described here is not uncommon. In fact, the decision of whether to hire a professional writing service or not goes way beyond press releases. Companies frequently wrestle with the concept of paying a writing service to produce everything from press releases to blog posts and case studies.

The point of this article is to educate readers on the benefits of hiring a professional writing service as opposed to handling writing in-house. It is obvious that outsourcing will cost a company money that could be invested in other things. The question to answer is whether the end results of professional writing justify the expense.

Writing Skills and Abilities

The skill and ability of a writer to craft an effective piece of content ultimately affects how productive that content is. Just as it takes a skilled and knowledgeable craftsman to build a piece of fine furniture, it takes writers with an equal amount of skill and knowledge to create a fine piece of written content. In short, writing skills and abilities do matter.

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It is generally assumed that professional writing services employ high-quality writers with the desired skills and abilities. Services that attempt to meet customer needs without quality writers do not tend to stay in business too long. This suggests that one advantage of outsourcing is having no worries about quality. At the end of the day, a professional writer will produce content that gets results.

Writing Best Practices

Also at issue are the best practices of the writing industry. Each form of written content has its own unique style, language, format, and intent. The press release is a perfect example.

A press release writing service will be intimately familiar with the limited number of formats generally accepted by distribution services. It should be noted that press releases not following one of the standard formats are frequently rejected by both distributors and media outlets.

SEO Best Practices

In addition to things like format and style, writers in the digital age have to be concerned about search engine optimisation (SEO). Any form of content to be distributed online, whether it be a press release or otherwise, must be written with SEO best practices in mind.

Professional writers are familiar with these practices. They know all about single keywords, long tail keywords, the use of subheadings and bullet points, the ideal length of sentences and paragraphs, how to use meta-tags and descriptions, and more. All these things add up to determine the SEO value of the finished product.

Effective Messaging

One final consideration is the concept of messaging. The point of writing is to convey a message to readers. In the case of a press release, that message has something to do with important company news that needs to be shared with the general public. Suffice to say that knowledge and skill must be combined with creativity to produce an effective message.

A press release writing service employs writers who fully understand the purpose of press releases and, therefore, the most effective way to use the press release to convey the substance and tone of the desired message. In-house writers, regardless of how much creative writing experience they may have, do not necessarily understand the nuances of press release messaging.

In a side-by-side comparison, professional writers tend to fare much better than in-house staff when it comes to producing written content that get results. If a company’s message is important enough to get out through written content, it is important enough to invest in a professional writing service.


Quote on scenic background: The skill and ability of a writer to craft an effective piece of content ultimately affects how productive that content is.

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