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What is a white paper and how can it help my business?
A white paper is a position paper for all practical purposes. Businesses and organisations use white papers to establish authority in their particular sector, sometimes relating to a topic that is especially relevant at the time the paper is produced. White papers follow a standard format that presents information in a way readers expect to receive it. A white paper can help your business or organisation by giving you a platform to establish your authority. It is also a good tool for explaining why your products or services are the best option for your target audience. A well-written white paper develops a topic thoroughly, explains how your business or organisation addresses the topic and offers solutions where appropriate. Please note that white papers are not blog posts or extended adverts. Using them as such can be counterproductive.

Does Connotations follow a particular white paper format?
There are different ways to format white papers for maximum effectiveness. Connotations has developed a format based on combining several industry standards into what we believe is the best way to present white paper information. A Connotations white paper:

  • introduces the organisation behind it;
  • introduces the problem or opportunity at hand;
  • provides evidence that the problem or opportunity is real;
  • offers different ways the problem or opportunity can be addressed; and
  • presents the organisation’s solution.

By sticking with our format, we are able to create uniform white papers that present information in a way that is acceptable in any business environment. Multiple white papers written for a single company or organisation offer continuity regardless of the problem or opportunity being discussed. Of course, Connotations can deviate from our format at the client’s request.

Are your white papers restricted to a certain word count?
While Connotations always respects client word count requests, it has been our experience that trying to define a white paper with a pre-determined word count is not a wise idea. White paper writing is a unique kind of writing that can’t necessarily be conformed into a particular length for every purpose. Some white papers cover topics that are very detailed by nature. As such, they might require longer pieces of 1,000 words or more. By the same token, there are other topics that are not as involved. Trying to create a white paper of 1,000 words would result in superfluity – excess text that takes up space without offering anything relevant. Connotations prefers to write each white paper based on the topic and the number of words necessary to develop that topic properly.

What do clients contribute to white paper creation?
Our role as professional writers enables us to create white papers with very little effort required on the client’s part. However, our writers do require some guidance on white paper topics and the points the client wants to make. Remember, the purpose of the white paper is to establish your company or organisation as an authority in your industry. You can make our job easier by giving us a general idea of what you want to say in your white paper. If the white paper is to contain any factual data, we appreciate your help in sourcing that data. We also need information pertaining to any solutions you choose to offer for the problem or opportunity being discussed in the paper. We don’t need a lot of information from you, but we do need enough to create a basic framework.

How technical are the white papers your company writes?
White papers may or may not be highly technical depending on who orders them. Perhaps a better term to use would be ‘industry-specific’. White papers are, by nature, specific to the industry the customer is involved with. Any white paper you were to order from us would deal with a topic that is related to whatever it is you do. Where technical aspects are concerned, our writers can be as technical or non-technical as the customer wants. There may be instances when we require a bit of technical assistance to cover topics our writers are not intimately familiar with, but we exhaust our research resources before requesting such assistance. Generally speaking, a highly technical white paper does require a bit more work. This is why we price white papers on a case-by-case basis.

Does it take long to produce a quality white paper?
It is very difficult for us to assign an amount of time to producing a quality white paper. White papers are, by their nature, very detailed documents intended to provide readers with a lot of important, relevant information. The amount of time it takes one of our writers to complete a white paper really depends on how much information will be included in the text, the scope of the topic at hand, and the amount of research necessary to get the job done. Our general rule is to ask for as much lead time as possible for producing white papers. This isn’t just because white papers are complex documents, it’s also because we have to work every new order into our existing schedule. The more time we have to complete your project, the more thorough all writers can be in the work they do.

Can white papers be sent back for edits?
Every form of content Connotations produces can be sent back for edits, including white papers. However, not all edits are performed free of charge. If edits are the result of unclear instructions or requirements that changed after the original order was placed, we reserve the right to charge for the additional work. Edits required as a result of our writers not meeting the customer’s standards are obviously made at no additional charge. Where white papers are concerned, we encourage clients to be sure they know exactly what they want, before they order, so as to avoid costly edits down the road.

For a white paper to benefit your business, it must be authoritative, concise, and well written, delivering your message in a compelling manner and in a style that is structured to be easily understood by the reader. So for a white paper that really delivers, you need an expert white paper writer from Connotations’ white paper writing service to create your content.

Whether your white paper is aimed at investors, clients, public agencies, or local authorities, or is intended as a market research or PR report, Connotations’ white paper writing services has a team of white paper writers and the level of expertise to help. We will thoroughly research your subject and your intended audience to produce a white paper that is logical and well argued, using relevant statistics and forecasts to deliver an informative, enjoyable, and engrossing read. And our service does not end there.

At Connotations, we see the white paper as much more than a report to help readers understand an issue or solve a problem; we see it as a way to effectively market your company.


This means going above and beyond the call of duty to deliver you the following benefits:

  • Promotion for products and services
  • Enhancement of reputation
  • Credibility as industry leader
  • A demonstration of how you stand out from the competition
  • Education to prospective customers on how problems are solved
  • A call-to-action.

Why use other white paper writing services when one of our white paper writer specialists is ready, waiting, and well versed in producing content for clients of all kinds? We know how to use powerful language to get results, ultimately helping your business reach its full potential.

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The white paper. It is an informative piece of ‘literature’ used by businesses, charities, government agencies, and other organisations to address relevant topics authoritatively. Yet the white paper is probably not used as extensively as it should be because it is so intimidating. People hear the term ‘white paper’ and immediately assume they or their business lacks the knowledge and authority to effectively use the medium. We want to state right from the start that the white paper is a suitable tool for every business owner or organisational leader. You are an expert in what you do; the knowledge you possess and ideas you come up with deserve to be presented to others. B2B marketing research from 2013 reveals that 91% of all B2B marketing professionals utilise content marketing in some way. Among them, roughly 61% use white papers on a regular basis. It is interesting to note that only 57% believe that white papers are effective. This leads us to wonder about the remaining 4%. Why are they using white papers if they do not believe the medium works? Regardless, Connotations offers white paper writing services because we know how effective white papers can be. Not only does one of our expert white paper writer specialists write them for others, we also utilise white papers as part of our own business model. The benefits we have achieved from white paper writing encourage us to continue offering them.

Get your white papers written by a white paper writer from Connotations. Contact us for a quote.


What is a White Paper?

The white paper is a document created and published by an organisation for the purpose of explaining a product, service, or solution. However, it is more than just a standard informational article or blog post type piece of content. White papers tend to contain technical information as well as specific solutions to targeted problems. In some ways, the white paper is an expanded version of a case study that does not refer to a specific client or scenario. As with case studies, all good white paper writers will ensure that their white papers contain a basic set of elements:

  • The Opportunity – A case study presents a specific challenge to be overcome. Similarly, a white paper presents a problem to be solved or an opportunity to take advantage of. There is no point in talking about a product, service, or solution if there is no viable opportunity to apply it to.
  • Proof of Opportunity – A properly constructed white paper offers evidence that the proposed problem or opportunity exists. That evidence can come by way of statistical data, professional opinions, and the like. A company needs to prove an opportunity exists in order to justify its solution.
  • Additional Problems – There are, at times, additional problems created by the original opportunity or problem presented. These additional problems might also be addressed in the solution offered by the company presenting the white paper.
  • Other Solutions – Unlike the case study, the white paper presents information regarding other solutions to the problem or opportunity at hand. This is done for comparative purposes. The reader needs to know what options are already out there – if they exist – in order to compare those options to the solution your paper will offer.
  • Your Solution – Lastly, the white paper presents your company’s solution to the problem at hand. This is where you have the opportunity to explain why your solution is superior. It is your opportunity to differentiate your company from the competition by thoroughly expounding on the solutions you offer.

Above and beyond these five elements, a lot of latitude exists for creating good white papers. These can be customised according to specific industries, topics, or even targeted audiences. The main thing to remember is that the white paper must be rich in relevant information and noticeably lacking in fluff. The white paper is to marketing content what hard data is to statistical analysis. The less superfluity, the better.

The white paper is a suitable tool for every business owner or organisational leader.


White Papers and B2B Marketing

White papers can be targeted at individual customers, but this is rare. White papers are generally created as B2B tools for encouraging other businesses to utilise a service, technology, or product that your company is offering. For example, an IT company might create a white paper to introduce a brand-new migration service to existing customers. The paper details the service, its methodology and why it is superior to other types of migration services offered by competitors. As the Investopedia business encyclopaedia explains:

… a white paper is intended to provide persuasive and factual evidence that a particular offering is a superior method of approaching or solving a problem or challenge. In general, white papers are at least 2,500 words in length and are written in a more academic (and less flashy) style than other marketing materials.

Please note Investopedia’s references to ‘factual evidence’ and ‘academic style’. These two features are those that separate white papers from every other form of marketing content out there. The information found in the white paper should not be supposition. It should not be mostly opinion. It certainly should not be fabrication. White papers should contain factual evidence presented from the perspective of an expert in the field.

White Paper Results

Now that you understand what a white paper is, we want you to know what type of results you can expect. Keep in mind that the purpose of the white paper is to introduce the reader to a solution you are offering for a specific problem or opportunity. In that light, a properly written white paper should achieve the following:

  • Reputation Enhancement – Presenting solid evidence of both the problem and your solution will help to enhance your reputation as an industry leader. This has both short and long-term implications. The better your reputation, the better the performance your business will enjoy.
  • Industry Credibility – Your credibility within your industry will also be boosted through effective white papers. With every credible white paper you produce, your peers and vendors will be more apt to view your company as the go to source for your products and services.
  • Separation from the Competition – The primary purpose of the white paper is to offer a solution that is superior to that of your competitors. Successfully presenting your case separates you from those competitors – at least where this one solution is concerned.
  • Customer Education – There are times when prospective customers do not even know a problem or opportunity exists. Your white paper serves to educate in this regard. Furthermore, there is no better way to encourage the customer to consider your solution than first demonstrating the problem or opportunity is there.
  • Product/Service Promotion – Your white paper is of little use if you do not use it to promote a product or service. Your product or service is the solution to the existing problem or opportunity.

At the bottom of almost every white paper should be a specific call to action. This call to action tells your readers that they now have all the information they need to make an informed decision about your company and solutions. It encourages them to act positively on the information you have provided. Connotations’ white paper writing services incorporate the latest white paper best practices to create authoritative and informative documents that you will be proud to hand to your customers. Our team comprises several experienced white paper writers who know how to use written text to inspire and inform. In so doing, we enhance your company’s reputation, build industry credibility, and convert casual readers into paying customers. Do not leave your white papers to chance by choosing one of the many fly-by-night white paper writing services out there. Trust your content to an expert white paper writer from Connotations. Please contact us today to learn more or to order your white paper.

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