Top 3 Ways White Papers Can Benefit Your Business

The white paper is a very specific kind of document written with a very specific purpose in mind. When done correctly, a well-written white paper presents readers with a central idea and then lays out a case to prove it. In so doing, the white paper also presents the company that publishes it in a very good light.

Any company in need of a white paper can create it in-house or hire the task out to any of the white paper writing services capable of doing the work. As a business owner or manager, what are your thoughts on white papers? Does your company use them? If not, why not?

Well-written white papers can benefit your business in a number of ways. Here are the top three:

1. White Papers Establish Authority

A white paper structured according to industry standards presents a problem, explains how and why that problem exists and offers a workable solution. Thus, it also establishes the company that publishes it as an authority on the topic at hand. For example, consider a white paper written to address a known weakness in security software.

The company responsible for the white paper would start by identifying the weaknesses in question. After thoroughly explaining the weakness and its implications, a solution would be offered. If the white paper is written correctly, readers are left with the impression that the company behind it is an authority on this particular security weakness. They would then be more likely to welcome the solution as well.

2. White Papers Engage with Customers

Modern business requires companies to constantly remain engaged with their customers; it is no longer enough to sit back and wait for customers to walk in the door. White papers are just one of many tools that can be used for engagement. Indeed, a well-written white paper can lead to numerous opportunities for conversations between staff and customers. Every time such a discussion occurs, engagement happens right along with it.

3. White Papers Sell Products and Services

Every white paper should include a solution to the problem presented. As such, companies use white papers as a means of selling their solutions. The practice is not devious or deceitful inasmuch as the point of publishing a white paper is to present your company as the preferred solution provider for the problem being addressed.

If your company has published white papers in the past without achieving positive results, it could be that they were poorly written or they did not follow the generally accepted structure of white papers. Both problems are easily identified by readers who understand what white papers are all about. We would like to offer our services to provide you with white papers that get results.

If your company has never published a white paper before, we encourage you to contact us to learn more. It could be that a white paper would not serve your business well. But if it could, Connotations offers white paper writing services that we believe are second to none.

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