Liaising with a content creation agency like Connotations can both save and make you money at the same time. How so, you might ask. Well, think of it like this: you do what you do best by taking care of your business, while we’ll do what we do best by helping to bring more business in for you.

As a content creation company with almost a decade under our belts, we are perfectly placed to produce the very highest quality written content for you, your business, or your agency.

Connotations is happy to take on most types of written content projects. You can find a full selection of our services here. However, if there happens to be something not listed, by all means contact us using the form below. We will happily discuss your requirements and hopefully come to some sort of arrangement.


Great Written Content at Great Rates

So at this stage you are probably wondering about the pricing, right? Before we get to that, know that our professional content creation services guarantee that we will deliver first class copy on time and at the prices quoted. There are no hidden fees and certainly no surprises.

Nevertheless, for the most part, all jobs are different and because of that we quote for each job on an individual basis. At the end of the day, it is obviously going to depend on the length of the project, the complexity, the amount of research required, etc.

But … to give you a ballpark figure for average projects, below we have listed some representative pricing*. Please do bear in mind though that these are exactly what we say – ballpark figures for average projects.

Copywriting per page (approximately 500 words): £50

Informational Articles (approximately 600 words): £40

Blog posts (approximately 600 words): £45

Press releases: £70

Case studies and white papers: these can vary in length from a couple of pages to a dozen pages or more, so unfortunately no ball park figures possible here.


*We are always open to some negotiation regarding pricing, so don’t be afraid to ask!


Connotations Also Works with SEO & Marketing Agencies

Connotations has worked with countless SEO and marketing agencies over the years and would be more than happy to work with yours. To this end, we offer agency rates, dependent on amount and frequency of work. Contact us today for more details.

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