CASE STUDY: Health Jobs Nationwide

The below is our case study for a project we completed for Health Jobs Nationwide ( It offers a sample of what one of our case studies looks like and how it benefits the client/business/entity that commissions it. All case studies should discuss the challenge of the commissioned project, and then go on to discuss the potential solution, the benefits of said solution, and then conclude with the verdict. At the end of the day, case studies give clients/customers/consumers the confidence to trust a product or service by offering evidence of its value.



Health Jobs Nationwide (HJN) is the largest healthcare talent acquisition job board network in the US, offering a connection point between job seekers, employers, recruiters, and educational providers. Through their main website, HJN provides connection points for nearly every career and opportunity in the medical field. Its extensive online network also includes the Pharma Diversity, Hospital Dream Jobs, Absolutely Health Care, Health Jobs Search Engine, and Medical Mingle websites.


HJN was in the early stages of developing their online presence when they first contacted Connotations. Their website was already up and running, complete with valuable content, but they were looking for SEO improvement in anticipation of expansion. We were contracted only to write press releases at first. Following the success of those releases, Connotations was asked to provide new web copy and ongoing regular content.

Being that HJN’s primary focus is healthcare employment in the States, we needed to present relevant information in a way that would appeal to healthcare job seekers and employers alike. Having this dual perspective meant doing the necessary research to understand both sides of the healthcare hiring equation. It also required Connotations writers to learn quite a bit about the medical field and the different careers it offers. Research would be key to a successful project.


Our earliest assignments involved writing a number of press releases relating to HJN expansion and marketing. Connotations’ managing director coordinated with the HJN development team to acquire relevant information directly from HJN senior management. With that information in hand, we were able to produce several press releases covering a number of topics.

Following the press releases, the next step was to provide new web copy to replace some of what already existed on the HJN website. Again, we needed to liaise with both the web development team and the executive staff to get a clearer picture of the image they wanted to present. We then created the new web copy, which was submitted to the HJN development team for approval.

The third phase of the project involves providing ongoing work for all of the sites in the HJN network. We routinely produce monthly articles and blog posts on a pre-set schedule, as well as informational articles and press releases as needed. Our commitment to HJN requires Connotations to always leave some room in the schedule to accommodate their needs.


Press releases are a unique form of writing that must be created according to certain parameters in order to avoid negative reception among search engines. Connotations was able to provide the first round of press releases in a format that effectively conveyed HJN’s message while still meeting search engine requirements. HJN was able to publish the press releases in a timely and professional manner.

By following up the press releases with new web copy, we were able to help HJN do a better job of explaining their brand to website visitors. We were also able to help them convey both their short and long-term goals for the HJN network. The web copy we provided was just what HJN was looking for in terms of overall messaging.

Where our ongoing work is concerned, providing regular articles and blog posts keeps all of the sites within the HJN network relevant to search engines. The content also provides essential information needed by those who use the network. Our contributions are an integral part of maintaining the network’s status as an industry leader.


Taking on such a large project requires a content creation provider capable of developing a broad-based strategy that can be easily modified as needs dictate. Our work for HJN demonstrates that Connotations has the ability to provide professional and timely content while still maintaining the flexibility necessary to handle a network as dynamic as HJN’s. Our ability to provide ongoing content according to the client’s schedule demonstrates our ability to provide quality work on time and on budget. We also believe our success on this project shows our ability to research topics in order to produce quality results.


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December 19, 2016

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