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The below is our case study for a project we completed for Pension Transfer Experts ( It offers a sample of what one of our case studies looks like and how it benefits the client/business/entity that commissions it. All case studies should discuss the challenge of the commissioned project, and then go on to discuss the potential solution, the benefits of said solution, and then conclude with the verdict. At the end of the day, case studies give clients/customers/consumers the confidence to trust a product or service by offering evidence of its value.



Pension Transfer Experts is one of a group of specialist free resource websites designed to help readers better understand the complexities of pension saving, investing, and transferring. The owners and developers of the site are committed to providing reliable information using everyday language free from the jargon and industry speak so typical of many websites relating to financial services. The site content is written in cooperation with FCA approved pension advisers and is reviewed and approved by a group of experienced regulatory compliance consultants.


The ongoing evolution of pension regulations in the UK can make it difficult for consumers to know and fully understand all of their options when it comes to pension saving and investment. Making matters worse is the plethora of misinformation that exists across the Internet. The Pension Transfer Experts team realised they needed to take the steps necessary to set their website apart from all of the others while also establishing them as credible and authoritative resource.

As a secondary objective, the Pension Transfer Experts team wanted to establish an AdWords campaign that would include landing pages directing readers to their main site. The combination of the two objectives would establish the site’s reputation while also driving traffic at the same time. Connotations was tasked with producing the content necessary to support the reputation management and AdWords goals.


Connotations’ management worked with Pension Transfer Experts to develop a content strategy capable of taking their website to the next level. The subsequent plan included a series of expert guides designed to answer all the questions the average pension saver might ask regarding topics such as cashing in pensions, lump-sum pension payments, and pension drawdown options. In addition, the plan called for an ongoing blogging project that would produce new content several times per week.

The most difficult part of the project for the Connotations writing team was the amount of research involved. Writers were given individual briefs for each of the seven topics to be covered. The briefs included a bulleted list of related points that Pension Transfer Experts wanted discussed along with a list of questions the average consumer might ask. It was up to the writing team to research the answers to those questions and then formulate all of the information into an accurate and comprehensive guide. Much of that same information is used for reference purposes in the ongoing blog work.

Due to the authoritative nature of the expert guides, writers had to be sure the information they were using was accurate. Links to other reliable websites, such as the Financial Conduct Authority website, were embedded in the written text to establish credibility and enhance SEO benefits.

Lastly, Connotations was tasked with producing the expert guides in a timely manner in order to maximise the planned AdWords campaign. In order to meet expectations, the writing team established a schedule with individual deadlines for each expert guide. All deadlines were met without issue. As for the ongoing blog work, the team has scheduled posts to be completed on three specific days every week, until advised otherwise by Pension Transfer Experts.


Producing expert guides with accurate, verifiable information is a very effective way to establish a free resource website dealing with financial services. The guides written by the Connotations team met each and every expectation. As such, these offer consumers the opportunity to learn and understand every aspect of pension saving and investing in order to maximise their efforts and their eventual pension pots.

In addition to providing excellent information, the guides also help to establish the reputation of Pension Transfer Experts as a site at which accurate and reliable information can be found. A positive reputation has a positive effect on search engine results, which, in turn, drives traffic and recruits more readers.

The team of FCA authorised pension experts that Pension Transfer Experts works with have also benefited from the project through increased customer inquiries passed along by the website team. This encourages the pension experts to continue lending their expert advice in order to further develop the Pension Transfer Experts website.


After reviewing, editing, and publishing the expert guides, Pension Transfer Experts began implementing their planned AdWords campaign complete with landing pages linked to the guides. Improved search engine results and increased traffic to the site were observed in the months following completion of the project. The guides are also now used as general content for the Pension Transfer Experts website. The combination of the expert guides and the ongoing blog posts continue to help Pension Transfer Experts maintain an excellent reputation as an authority in pension information.

Connotations’ ability to produce well-researched and authoritative content for the Pension Transfer Experts website demonstrates the skills, abilities, and dedication of our writing team. Furthermore, producing all of the content on schedule demonstrates we are capable of producing on time, every time.

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December 19, 2016

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