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This is a press release we created for Hotel Buyer ( in December 2016 regarding a survey they carried out gauging guests’ feelings about the hotel rooms they stayed in.



Hotel Buyer Survey Reveals How Guests Feel about Hotel Rooms

(Grays, Essex) 19/12/16 – The global hospitality industry is currently in the midst of a customer engagement revolution designed to find ways to figure out how customers feel about the service they receive so as to improve that service and increase customer loyalty. In light of that, hotel operators would do well to pay attention to a brand-new survey just released by Hotel Buyer. The survey reveals how customers really feel about the hotel rooms they experience.

Interested readers wishing to know all the details of the survey can see the full results by clicking here. Otherwise, the most important thing for hotel operators to know is that a lack of cleanliness is that which hotel guests are most concerned about. In fact, more than a third of survey respondents said the thing they hate most about staying in a hotel is dirty rooms.

“Hotel cleanliness is still a major problem for many hotels in the UK,” the report states. “Hotel review sites are saturated with dreaded one-star reviews thanks to all manner of hygiene problems, including unchanged beds, dirty towels and a huge range of less-than-pleasant things being left in rooms by previous occupants.”

The Hotel Buyer report goes on to say that hotel operators need to be cognisant of dirt and unhygienic conditions throughout their rooms, not just focusing on bathrooms and beds. Guests are equally concerned about germs and bacteria on everything from light switches to door handles.

Addressing Customer Concerns

The point of the Hotel Buyer survey is to provide helpful information to hotels and other hospitality sector businesses looking to address customer concerns. Only when those concerns are adequately addressed can hospitality providers be confident they are doing their jobs well.

Suffice to say that there are other things that concern hotel guests. The Hotel Buyer survey goes beyond cleanliness to list the top five things respondents typically complain about. Hotel operators willing to heed what their guests are saying would benefit from reading the report in its entirety.

For more information about Hotel Buyer, how their survey was conducted, or how one can use the information found in the report to improve a hospitality sector business, Hotel Buyer can be contacted through their website, by phone, or by e-mail.

About Hotel Buyer

Hotel Buyer is an Essex-based business established with the goal of providing a comprehensive range of non-food products to the hospitality sector. They currently work with clients in the UK, mainland Europe and Africa. The company’s online store features thousands of products ranging from electronics to room furnishings to toiletries. Their expansive warehouse has plenty of room to accommodate more than 24,000 product choices. Hotel Buyer is operated by a respected hospitality procurement specialist and is committed to procuring only the finest non-food supplies for its clients.


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January 17, 2017

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