About Us

From humble beginnings, Connotations (Carman Online Content Publishing Ltd) managing director Anthony Carter guided the company to what it is today.

Anthony started out as a freelance writer in 2005 after a career in security monitoring. As his client base increased, the next logical step was expansion. And so Carman Online Content Publishing Ltd was born in 2011.

Initially, Anthony concentrated on copywriting but, with an ever-increasing clientèle, the need to hire additional writing staff became apparent. And with the expanding staff came additional skill sets, which meant the company could start offering other writing services above and beyond copywriting.

Press releases, white papers, case studies, and blog posts, are just some of the additional b2b and b2c services the company now offers its clients.

In December 2014, the directors of the company decided to re-brand the working business name to ‘Connotations’; however, the company still trades under the Carman Online Content Publishing Ltd name.


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