Our Case Studies

Among the many tools at the disposal of the business marketer is the case study. A case study is a documented presentation of information establishing a company or organisation as a competent industry leader in their chosen field. In most cases, the case study documents a previously completed project that demonstrates the strength of the company or organisation in question. Case studies are used by businesses of all types – from technology companies to consulting firms to service oriented businesses.

Connotations offers a case study writing service designed to present your company or organisation in the best possible light. We write studies based on your real-life experiences with past customers. You provide us with the information we need, including details of past projects, and we put together a compelling narrative that demonstrates you and your company can deliver as promised. A case study from Connotations will enhance your company’s reputation and credibility among current and future customers.

Listed below are a number of case studies relating to our own experiences of meeting the needs of our customers. We invite you to read them for two purposes. First, our studies will give you a good idea of what a well-written case study looks like. Second, they demonstrate how the Connotations team serves the needs of our customers in order to ensure their success. Each of the case studies we have presented involves real customers with real challenges. They also include the solutions we successfully implemented on their behalf. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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