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If there is one thing professional content writers know it is the fact that producing endless amounts of B2B copy can be incredibly boring. Let’s face it, B2B copywriting tends to be a lot more challenging because you are addressing others who are already experts in similar fields. Keeping their interest is decidedly more difficult than keeping the interest of retail consumers who genuinely want to know more about your products and services.

If you’re facing B2B copywriting boredom, we have a solution: combat your boredom with the company blog. In other words, continue producing your fact-laden and jargon-filled copy for technical content that is designed only to keep your business customers informed. However, use the company blog to keep your readers entertained and engaged enough to bring them back again. The business blog can do wonders for combating boredom if you have the freedom to write as you please.

Business 2 Community’s Melonie Gallegos offers a list of 14 topics you could concentrate on to grab the attention of your business readers. We will not discuss all of them here, but we do want to highlight a few of our favourites:

  • Company Events – If your company is doing its job in terms of delivering products and services your customers want, those customers will be looking for you at trade shows and other similar events. So write about them. Write about future events that your company is planning to attend; write about events in the recent past at which your company enjoyed some measure of success. You’ll be surprised how many customers appreciate knowing what your event schedule is.
  • Company Culture – A lot of us focus on making sure our company culture is well known among retail consumers. However, what about our business partners? They also need to know about company culture as it relates to them, as ‘business insiders’ who may share some similarities with your company. When you write about company culture, you are making it possible for vendors to more easily identify with your company through mutual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Charity Work – We hope your company would never take on charity work solely for marketing yourself to other businesses. Nevertheless, as long as you’re involved in charity for the right purposes, there is nothing wrong with sharing your accomplishments with your B2B peers. It is especially important in Europe, where corporate social responsibility is taken very seriously. Writing about how your company fulfils its responsibility is one way to engage readers on a more personal level.
  • Customer Stories – On a more light-hearted note, customer stories provide a dynamic springboard for some great blog posts. Regardless of the story you tell, your B2B peers will have likely experienced something quite similar. Moreover, while you laugh about it together, the common experience will be helping to build a stronger sense of camaraderie. Just be careful to make sure identities are never revealed when telling customer stories.

B2B copywriting does not have to be boring across the board. You can make it more interesting by using the company blog to explore those topics you do not normally have access to by way of informational writing. If you prefer to hire someone to do the writing for you, Connotations can help.

Among our rather extensive list of services is that of B2B copywriting. We can produce nearly any type of copy you need to engage vendors or business customers. Whether you’re looking for blog posts, articles about industry news, updates to the latest technology, or announcements about new products and services, we can provide what you are looking for at a very reasonable cost.

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