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This article is about creative website copy and its relationship to titles. It sounds like pretty straightforward and boring stuff, right? So what caused you to decide to read this article?

The first thing any reader looks at before deciding whether to read a piece of web content is the title. This goes for any kind of content, be it an informational article, blog post, or marketing copy. Titles are used to grab the reader’s attention long enough to get him or her to at least read an introduction. In the case of marketing copy (think product descriptions or short adverts), the title has to pretty much sell the product before the reader ever gets to the copy itself.

Being that Connotations produces a lot of website copy for our clients, we wanted to let you in on one of the little secrets of generating dazzling titles. Here it is, in one word: creativity.

Yes, it’s that simple. It is possible to sit down and do a thoughtful analysis of content in order to come up with a title that is perfectly suited to SEO needs and still come up short. It’s possible to use just the right words to articulate content and still not grab the attention of readers. In reality, writing dazzling titles is more of an art form than anything else. It requires creativity.

You Have It or You Don’t

The interesting thing about creativity is that you either have it, or you don’t. Creativity is not something that can be learned from a textbook or university lecture. That’s why some people are naturals at creating dazzling titles and interesting website copy while others do not seem to have a creative bone in their bodies. That’s okay, by the way.

There are very good writers who lack the creativity for generating dazzling titles. They are not creative enough to write thought-provoking blog posts or advertising copy that would convince anyone to buy the product at hand. But they are excellent at technical writing. They excel at writing case studies, press releases, and informational articles.

As for the creative writers, they are the ones that make words jump right off the page and come alive – which brings us back to the original point of creating dazzling titles. It is the title that encourages the reader to give a piece of content a first look. When a dazzling title is combined with a solid introduction, the reader will give a second and third look.

Make or Break a Piece

The point we are trying to make here is that titles can make or break a piece of content. A good title can be the set-up for advertising copy that seals the deal and converts a casual visitor into a paying customer. A creative title can encourage readers who would otherwise skim the company’s blog to actually stop and read an article or two.

Creative website copy is all about getting the message across in a way that grabs the reader’s attention and appeals directly to him or her. It all starts with a dazzling title that demands further attention. That’s why you’ve read this article all the way through. We got your attention with a great title and then followed it up with useful content.

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