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One of the hardest things in the field of B2B copywriting is to dissuade clients from ordering certain types of content for their websites. For example, a client might want a 750-word blog post discussing the merits of a particular business model the company is now considering. The copywriter knows the topic is not one people are interested in at this time, yet the client is insistent that this is what he/she wants. What is the writer to do?

The writer obviously has no choice but to produce the product the client is looking for. However, later on he or she may have to explain why the content did not drive new traffic or result in a better search engine ranking. The simple fact of the matter is that you can say it, but no one has to hear it.

This point was underscored by a video recently featured by Marketing Magazine. The subject matter of the video was not focused entirely on online marketing, but the points outlined in the presentation are applicable to the online world, including written content like blog posts and informational articles.

The creators of the video do a good job of explaining the fact that it is a mistake to assume people want to hear what you have to say. It’s a lot like the concept of respect. As the old adage says, respect is not deserved; it is earned. The same is true in the world of online marketing.

Loyal Readers of Are Earned

Online marketers create content for three main purposes: to increase search engine ranking, to drive new traffic to a website, and to turn casual visitors into paying customers. However, none of these things happens by chance. What’s more, the fact that a company has a website does not mean it deserves for these things to happen naturally. All of the intended results can only be achieved by earning a loyal audience of readers.

In the case of B2B copywriting, this means two things: creating content that provides useful and relevant information presenting the information in a way that does not insult the intelligence of your readers. This can be a difficult task for writers who may not necessarily be experts in the topic in hand. Nonetheless, it is still important.

By building a loyal audience of readers who respect the information you provide, you are also creating an atmosphere that invites your readers to continue checking back with you for new content. That is what produces better search engine rankings, drives new traffic, and achieves better conversion rates.

Use the Professionals

Your B2B content can mean the difference between a website that produces results and one that does not. Therefore, we recommend you leave the B2B copywriting to professionals. A service such as ours is capable of producing the kind of content you need to earn the respect of your readers.

Here at Connotations, we do not assume that everyone is interested in what we have to say on your behalf. We know we have to earn the respect and trust of readers if we expect them to continue visiting your site. We hope that is clear to see in the content we produce.

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