The communicative power of the written word …

Our Objective

We strongly believe that the written word matters and, equally, so do the innovative ideas that are behind them. To that end, we offer clear, creative, commercially focused content that is written for specifically targeted audience segments. 

We Are Different

You have many choices when it comes to choosing a company to provide your online content. We understand that. However, we also believe Connotations is different in a number of ways that sets us apart from the competition.  Those differences can be summed up in three words: quality, integrity, and passion.

Our Services

Connotations is proud to offer a range of services within our content creation remit. We offer all types of copywriting services, as well as everything from blog posts, web articles, and newsletters to press releases, white papers, and case studies.

Why Connotations?

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

… Henry Ford

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B2B companies that blog get 67% more leads a month than companies that don’t


95% of B2B enterprise marketers use content marketing


92% of marketers state that social media is important for business


94% of companies consider content as an effective way of engaging an audience

The Connotations Philosophy:

Quality, Integrity and Passion

From the Blog …

5 Great Reasons for Writing Case Studies

Case studies have been around for several decades now. Just within the last couple of years, though, they have emerged as a reliable marketing tool that companies can use to reach customers that are not easily reached through other marketing methods. Case studies have...
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Yes – Creative Website Copy Does Include Dazzling Titles

This blog post is about creative website copy and its relationship to titles. It sounds like pretty straightforward and boring stuff, right? So what caused you to decide to read this article? The first thing any reader looks at before deciding whether to read a piece...
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Lessons From a 1920 White Paper

At the turn of the 20th century, English archaeologist, writer, and political figure Gertrude Bell played a significant role in the British colonial rule of Jordan and Iraq. She was part of an elite group of officials whose efforts dramatically shaped the Middle East...
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Here’s How Press Release Writing and Distribution Works

Imagine a growing business in Edinburgh that has decided to expand from its current single location to a total of three locations scattered across the city. The expansion warrants a major announcement to let customers know what's coming. At the same time, the...
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How Professionals Create Compelling White Papers

Over the last several weeks, our blog posts have focused heavily on press releases and white papers. There's a reason for that. As a firm specialising in creating professional, well-written content for B2B clients, our natural tendency to scrutinise online content...
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Why Outsourcing Your Press Releases Is Smart

A concise and well-written press release can do wonders for communicating a company's message to targeted stakeholders. For its intended purpose, nothing is as effective as a strong press release for related company news, publishing sales figures, or even introducing...
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Top 3 Ways White Papers Can Benefit Your Business

The white paper is a very specific kind of document written with a very specific purpose in mind. When done correctly, a well-written white paper presents readers with a central idea and then lays out a case to prove it. In so doing, the white paper also presents the...
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4 Kinds of Press Releases Explained

The press release is a very specific kind of document designed to alert its target audience to some sort of substantive change within a company. Press releases have been around in some form or another since the first newspapers were printed. Today they have become a...
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Take the Politics out of Business Writing with a Writing Service

Business writing. The mere mention of it can cause even the most seasoned corporate employees to shudder in their boots. Just thinking about the politics of something like a white paper is enough to turn what should be an enjoyable and productive process into weeks of...
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Do Your Press Releases Meet Plain English Guidelines?

There was a fascinating article published by Press Release Rocket on 5th September (2016) dealing with local government websites and their readability. A comprehensive readability report submitted by Visible Thread clearly shows that most government websites do not...
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Connotations deliver time and time again. The quality of the content is always very high and we have never had cause to send anything back for revision.

We would heartily recommend Connotations to anyone requiring high quality, well-researched web copy or other content.

Robert Wakefield

Managing Director, The Wysi Partnership

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