Terms & Conditions


Connotations offers price estimates, brief proposals, and consultancy free of charge. We do this in good faith based on our own areas of expertise and on our knowledge of your needs based on the information that you provide. As a result, we cannot accept liability for actions of any kind that you as the client take, or do not take, due to acting on our advice.

Where a project is particularly large, involves a degree of complexity, or requires a certain amount of work in order to create the proposal, Connotations may ask for a fee in creating the proposal that will be invoiced independently of the main project if you make the decision not to proceed with the order.

Additional Work

Connotations reserves the right to implement extra charges in some situations that involve additional work. These include:

  • Changes: Connotations offers changes affecting up to 20 per cent of the text as part of the initial agreed upon fee. Changes that affect over the 20 per cent limit, or fundamentally change the running order of the original text may be the subject of an additional charge.
  • Unused and/or deleted material: In the event that you decide not to use, delete, or request that we delete any of the text already created by us as part of an order, Connotations will offer no cost reduction.
  • Resubmissions: Connotations may re-apply a charge for editing supplied text if a new version that is submitted supersedes text that was previously agreed upon as final.


Where proposals include information related to dates and timings, clients should understand that particular dates that are missed might mean that it is not possible to meet time commitments scheduled further along the timeline. Clients should also be aware that in might not be possible to push back a timeline by a certain number of days, as doing so is dependent on current workload.

Purchase orders

Before beginning any work, Connotations will require a purchase order from every client. This can be in the form of a formal document or email confirming the scale of work and the agreed fee.

In the event of an agreed fee being ‘spent’ before the completion of the work in a proposal, Connotations reserves the right to cease work until a further purchase order is made.


Upon the completion of work, Connotations will provide clients with an invoice for the agreed amount. An invoice will never include costs that differ from those agreed without prior agreement.

In the case of large and on-going projects, we may request that invoices be submitted monthly or at agreed milestones.

Terms of payment are 15 days from the date of invoice.


Copyright of all work produced by Connotations on your behalf will be handed over on the successful payment of invoice.

You accept all responsibility for any copyright issues that arise related to any work produced by us that refers to any third party as requested by you as part of a purchase order.

Fair Dealing

By commissioning Connotations, you agree to grant us permission to:

  • feature you as a client on our website
  • feature descriptions of the work we have completed for you on our website
  • feature quotations of completed text written for you on our website.

All copyright belongs to the client and trademarks in published materials will be acknowledged.


Connotations  is thorough in its work and does it utmost to avoid any errors, misrepresentations, omissions, and inaccuracies in content provided to clients. However, once content is handed over, responsibility for published material lies with the client.

Connotations cannot accept responsibility or liability for loss or damage of any kind that is incurred as a result of a client choosing to publish material produced by us.

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