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Connotations Talks Process vs Value Copywriting in Latest Post

(Edinburgh, Scotland) 02/02/18 – The ongoing debate over process vs value often leaves B2B copywriters confused as to how best to produce content for their employers. Connotations addresses the debate in a recently published article explaining that process and value are not mutually exclusive perspectives. The article can be accessed by visiting the Connotations website at:

Connotations managing director Anthony Carter explains that customers ask about the process vs value debate quite frequently. Much of the misunderstanding related to the debate stems from a lack of knowledge regarding the purpose of B2B copywriting. Carter says that the B2B audience requires a much different approach as compared to individual consumers.

“B2B copywriting is all about explaining to other business entities why a company’s products or services are better than what the competition offers,” Carter explained. “That’s not to say that the target audience always needs to read about process or value exclusively. More often than not, they need information about both.”

The Connotations article explains the dilemma B2B copywriters face in trying to strike the right balance between process and value. It also gives a number of scenarios in which one perspective is preferable over another. The article concludes with the idea that process and value are not mutually exclusive for B2B copywriting. Highly effective copywriting strikes the right balance between both.

Connotations encourages interested readers to learn more about B2B copywriting by taking a look at the recent article. While on the site, readers can freely access a library of information pertaining to content marketing, content creation, and the like.

About Connotations

Connotations is an Edinburgh-based company with nearly a decade of involvement in the content creation industry. They work with clients all over the world active in a variety of different industries. Carter and his team of writers produce all sorts of online content ranging from blog posts to white papers and ad copy. The company can take on projects of nearly any size or scope, providing clients with high-quality content produced in concert with detailed research and industry best practices.




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