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Connotations offers complete content creation services for printed leaflets and brochures. Why? Because printed materials are not dead. Despite the proliferation of digital marketing strategies, people still respond to printed materials they can hold in their hands.

Marketing Read Rates

How frequently do people pay attention to the marketing messages presented to them? Check out these surprising statistics:

  • 62% of TV viewers either mute advertisements or pay them no attention
  • 81% of magazine readers turn past adverts without reading
  • 79% of recipients keep, pass along, or read the contents of printed materials
  • 78% of recipients glance at letter box-delivered materials; 23% read them thoroughly
  • 79% of recipients glance at direct-mail materials; 32% read them thoroughly

Marketing Response Rates

Read rates are one thing, response rates are entirely different. Printed brochures and leaflets once again demonstrate to be more effective than other forms of advertising:

  • 40% of material recipients patronise the advertised business
  • 48% of consumers respond directly to leaflet advertisements
  • 59% of consumers visit the websites of companies who send letter box-delivered materials
  • 38% of leaflets and brochures are kept for a few days; 13% are kept for more than a week
  • Printed materials offering a coupon or money off are 50% more likely to be kept by recipients

The Value of Printed Materials

It’s all well and good to know that people read printed materials, but how much value do you get for your money? According to Royal Mail:

  • You could spend just £500 to reach 8,000 potential new customers
  • Royal Mail gives business mailers access to 29 million households across the UK
  • They can help you target your materials by distance, postcode, or demographic

Royal Mail is not the only option for distributing printed leaflets and brochures. Note that other companies offer printing and distribution services at comparable or lower prices. The use of Royal Mail as an example is intended solely to be illustrative of what you might expect; your experience may differ.



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