How to Become an Ebook Writer in 5 Easy Steps

Ebooks are all the rage these days. They are used by individuals and companies alike to market themselves to a wider audience. A well-written ebook can truly open the door to big things if it presents useful information to a target audience in language they can understand.

The question is, can just anyone become an ebook writer? Well, yes and no. Anybody who can string words and punctuation marks together can write an ebook. Not everyone can be an ebook writer capable of creating something people will actually want to read. Trust us when we say that being a successful writer is not as easy as it sounds. To illustrate this truth, we have put together a tongue-in-cheek list of ‘five easy steps’ to becoming an ebook writer:

Step #1 – Come up with a Great Idea

The first step in any kind of writing is to come up with an idea that resonates. If you know anything about ebooks then you know how much trouble authors have with this first step. Just browse any ebook library and you’ll find title after title that doesn’t really interest anyone.

Assuming you want to write an ebook to expand the reach of your company or organisation, the topic you write about is one that should directly appeal to the people most likely to take advantage of the products or services you offer.

Step #2 – Create an Outline and First Draft

An experienced ebook writer knows that creating an outline is critical to coherent writing. Without an outline, it is very difficult to connect one thought to the next and come up with a cohesive message from start to finish. Along with that outline comes a first draft. The first draft is intended only to fill out the outline with the rough ideas you want to present. Time spent on the first draft is not time to be worried about spelling and grammar.

Step #3 – Review and Write the Second Draft

All the ideas you want to convey should be included in your first draft by the time you’re finished. Then it’s time to go back and review what you’ve written. Here is where you start creating a second draft that more fully expands on your ideas. This is also the time to start looking at grammar, sentence structure, syntax, and so on. Most of your editing will occur during this step, by the way. You may find complete sections that need to be removed or others that were left out and have to be added.

Step #4 – Edit, Edit, and Add Some More

With the completed second draft in hand, you’re ready to begin the editing process. The whole point of editing is to take what you’ve written and make the necessary changes to create a finished document that appeals to your readers on multiple levels. You’re looking to connect to them and with them, so editing requires reading the document as though you are part of the target audience rather than the writer. The editing stage also gives you yet another opportunity to address spelling, grammar, and so on.

Step #5 – Do the Final Proofread

The last step in writing an ebook is the final proofread. By this time, you have been through your work at least twice. Every time you go through what you’ve written, you become more comfortable with it. Thus it becomes harder to spot typos and other mistakes. But don’t skip this last step. Even the smallest of typos can give readers the impression that you didn’t put your best effort into your writing.

As you can see from these five steps, becoming a successful ebook writer involves more than just slapping a few thousand words on the page and designing a cover. There is actually a very detailed process involved in creating effective written content.

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