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We know exactly what goes into high quality e-book creation; an ebook that will ultimately share your ideas with the people that matter most to you…

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Do you have a passion for a particular subject? Are you looking for a way to share that passion with others? Connotations’ ebook writing service can help you do exactly that.

Thanks to the monumental growth of mobile devices such as e-readers, tablets, and smartphones, ebook reading has gone through the roof, surpassing even print with many of the world’s major vendors. In a world where people crave information and want to get their hands on material fast, the ebook is an essential tool in meeting consumer demand. Not only is this digital format publication an excellent way to get literary work published, it is also a viable marketing tool that can help your brand reach new audiences and establish your business as an authority in its niche.

eBook Writing Service – Sharing your Passion

Connotations ebook writing service knows exactly what goes into high quality e-book creation; an ebook that will ultimately share your passion with the people that matter most to you.

We will create an ebook to your exact specifications, carrying out all the necessary research, and putting your ideas across in way that engrosses and delights your readers.

Our expert ebook writers know exactly how to write in a way that gets results, allowing you to rightfully take the plaudits and reap the rewards for your shared passion and subject expertise.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise, Connotations takes great pride in our ebook service. We are able to write an ebook that your audience will love to read, which ultimately results in an ebook that will benefit you and/or your business in any number of ways. These can include:

  • boosting your word of mouth advertising
  • increasing lead generation
  • promoting products and services
  • as part of a media campaign.

Regardless of subject or length, we will write your ebook and deliver it promptly in any format you so desire. Our obsession for the written word is matched only by the passion you have for your niche; let us be your ebook creation service of choice and turn your ideas into something special. Trust your ebook creation to the Connotations ebook writing service.

Our ebook writing service is geared toward helping you organise your words and ideas into a digital document that you can share with your readers.


Our ebook writing service is just what you need to put your words and ideas together in a way that strikes a chord with your readers.


Amazon is easily the world’s biggest and most well known online retailer. It sells everything under the sun, and then some. However, did you know that it started as an online bookseller? Indeed, its product list back in the early days included all sorts of books covering just about every niche, along with CDs, DVDs, and other forms of media. Nevertheless, what really drove the company’s early success was the ebook.

You could make the case that the ebook and Amazon are virtually interchangeable. The company may not have survived its first few years in business without the ebook, yet the ebook owes its development to Amazon. The long and short of it is that ebooks are now a happy and productive member of the information-sharing family. These offer a form of communication you might want to consider for yourself or your business.

Business owners need to know that ebooks are excellent tools for:

  • developing a brand
  • establishing company authority
  • making a personal connection with customers
  • exploring certain industry topics in depth.

Individually, you might consider having an ebook written for one of the following purposes:

  • expanding on your current blog
  • starting a new career as an author
  • lending your expertise on a given topic to others
  • just because you enjoy writing, telling stories, etc.

Regardless of why a person may choose to have an ebook written, there is a lot more to it than simply putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Writing is a skill and talent in and of itself; writing in a format that is useful for ebook purposes takes a bit of knowledge and understanding.

Connotations’ ebook writing service is geared toward helping you organise your words and ideas into a digital document that you can share with your readers. Our service is available to companies and individuals alike, regardless of the topic at hand or the size of the book.

Get your ebook written by the experts ebook writers at Connotations. Contact us for a quote.


Why You Should Consider Connotations’ eBook Writing Service

There are literally thousands of ebooks listed on Amazon and other sites that end up never being purchased by their target audience. These are all books that their authors undoubtedly poured countless hours into, only to languish in a virtual warehouse of obscurity. The lack of sales can be blamed partially on poor marketing, but much of it has to do with writing. Below are some of the most common mistakes ebook writers make along with reasons why using our ebook writing service will prevent you from making them:

#1 – Starting with a Boring Title

It is not uncommon for many authors to begin writing their ebooks by coming up with the title. Furthermore, those initial titles tend to be boring inasmuch as the author fails to think specifically about what would catch the attention of readers. If the author sticks with a boring title when it is time to publish, there may be no compelling reason for potential readers to consider the book, let alone purchase it.

Connotations’ ebook writers understands the power of titling. Not only do we create compelling titles that will grab the attention of readers, our titles have the unique ability of being just descriptive enough to get the point across but still mysterious enough to set the hook.

#2 – Writing and Editing Simultaneously

Good writing capable of reflecting quality from start to finish requires a writer to build momentum. New writers and amateurs tend to kill their momentum by attempting to edit and write simultaneously. This is natural and completely normal. However, attempting to write and edit at the same time slows down your momentum, interrupts the thought processes and results in choppy text that, although seems completely logical to you, appears disconnected and thoughtless to your readers.

As professional ebook writers, we know how to write from start to finish without losing momentum or continuity. We know when to edit, what to edit, and how to edit without disrupting the quality of work. This includes proofreading for things such as grammar and syntax.

#3 – Wasting Time, Losing Focus

There may be nothing more frustrating to the budding author than getting a few months into a project and losing focus. Why does this happen? Some authors find themselves wasting time during the research or planning stages to the extent that their focus is completely gone by the time they are ready to write. Others start writing only to be distracted by other things. It can be difficult to stay focused on an ebook when it is not the full-time owner of your attention.

Connotations’ ebook writing services utilises only professional ebook writers capable of dedicating all of their time and attention to your project. Our ebook writing service offers clients a focused, streamlined effort that completes your project as quickly as possible while still maintaining the high level of quality you expect.


Our obsession for the written word is matched only by the passion you have for your niche; let us be your ebook writers of choice and allow us to turn your ideas into something special.


#4 – Not Understanding ebook Format

Authors can sell ebooks in a number of different formats including .pdf, .epub, and .mobi. The file format you choose will affect how you format the actual text of your writing. More than one author has found him/herself extremely frustrated by the .epub format, resulting in the eventual decision to go strictly with an easy to create PDF document. But guess what? You cannot sell PDF ebooks through major retailers such as Amazon.

Our ebook writers are well versed in the various file formats used for ebooks. Once we know what format you are looking for, we can create your ebook as a file ready to upload directly to your website or online retailer. You will not have to worry about any of the formatting issues relating to each different file format.

Ebook writer and professional blogger Amy Lynn Andrews writes the following on her web page:

“In fact, I don’t recall anyone cautioning against it [writing an ebook]. It wasn’t until I was knee-deep into the process that I started questioning whether or not I should have taken the plunge myself. Why? Because it’s actually quite a bit of work.”

Andrews is right; writing an ebook is an awful lot of work. Nevertheless, it is work that can pay off with very big dividends down the road. If you have been considering an ebook for your business or yourself, think long and hard about everything it entails. Connotations is here to provide you with the help you need to get it done. Our ebook writing service is just what you need to put your words and ideas together in a way that strikes a chord with your readers.


Can Connotations writers create ebooks on any topic?

Our expertise as content creation specialists enables us to write ebooks for our clients covering virtually any topic. In the past, we have written ebooks on supplements, technical subjects, home security and automation, and more. If you have an idea you want to expound upon by way of an ebook, we can make it happen.

We ask clients to provide at least a basic framework of what their ebook will look like as a finished product. Obviously, if there is any specific information or industry terminology the client expects us to use, we need to know that in advance. We also need a list of any keywords and phrases the client wants us to focus on. We can take that information and use it to create an ebook of any size. The finished product can be saved in multiple formats.

Do you require clients to choose a topic and title?

It is a lot easier on our writers when clients provide both a topic and at least one title idea for their ebook. Here’s why: an ebook is a written expression of ideas the client wants to present to readers. We don’t know what those ideas are because we are not intimately familiar with all the details of who our clients are and what they do.

Having said that, there have been cases in the past in which clients proposed a general idea of what they wanted to accomplish and asked us to choose the topic and write the title. We are more than happy to do so when a client requests it. We are also open to bouncing topic and title ideas around with the client until we come up with something that will work.

What does Connotations charge for a typical ebook?

As with all our writing services, it’s not possible for us to give a black and white price for ebook creation. Rather, we have to discuss the particulars of the project with a client before coming up with a cost estimate. Rest assured that our pricing structure is based on several different factors we need to consider when quoting a price.

As a general rule, there are a number of things that make up the cost of producing an ebook. They include the time that will be spent writing, any extra research involved, the complexity of the topic being written about, and the amount of time we are given to complete the project. We are happy to discuss all the particulars with clients in order to reach a final price we can both be satisfied with.

How long does it take to produce a quality ebook?

Creating a quality ebook follows a process that includes creating an initial draft, developing the ideas presented in the book, and tying it all together in a final draft that is then submitted to the client. The length of time it takes really depends on the depth and complexity of the project at hand.

A short ebook of fewer than 5,000 words may take a couple of weeks or so, depending on how busy our schedule is. Larger ebooks can take longer. What’s most important is that we are allowed the time we need to create a quality piece of work that actually meets the needs of the client. We understand that deadlines are necessary, and we strive to meet them on every project, but we do need enough time to do the kind of work Connotations’ ebook writing service is known for.

Why should I contract with you rather than writing an ebook myself?

This is a question we don’t answer very often. In fact, clients who order ebooks from Connotations often do so after their own efforts have not produced the kinds of results they were expecting. This is not a slight on clients. Rather, it is simply a reminder that quality writing is a learned skill that very few people possess.

Take whatever industry you’re in and think about the skills necessary to be successful in it. Not everyone can do what you do well enough to be successful at it. Likewise, it is very difficult to write a quality ebook that appeals to readers the way it should. A professional writer has the skills and knowledge to produce high-quality work that is distinct, effective, and engaging. Unless you possess strong writing skills, you’re better off contracting with Connotations to write the ebook for you.

How much money can I make with an ebook?

This question is one we get a lot. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand ebooks as an opportunity to get rich quick. That’s not how it works.

There are a small number of writers capable of producing ebooks that sell in large numbers and with very little effort. But that is not the norm. Making money with ebooks requires quite a bit of marketing along with getting your work to the right places. Here at Connotations, our job is to write the ebook for you or render whatever assistance you need in doing it yourself. The marketing and placement of your ebook will have to be handled on your own or by employing the services of professional marketers. How much money you’ll make with your ebook is something we cannot predict.

Where are ebooks normally published?

The idea of publishing an ebook is actually a misnomer. An ebook is a digital publication released in a digital format without any printing involved. Having said that, there are numerous ways to offer an ebook to customers. Ebooks can be offered on your website, on the website of a specialist ebook provider, or through self-publishing portals like Lulu Press. Some of our customers offer their ebooks directly to customers as promotional offers. The beauty of ebooks is that distribution channels are limited only by your imagination. You can distribute an ebook in any way that suits you.

Can You Help Me Create an Ebook for My Business?

The introduction of the ebook is one of the most exciting developments in publishing since the invention of automated bookbinding machines. Ebook publishing makes it possible for anyone to create and release a book without having to invest thousands of pounds in a publishing contract. The electronic format also makes it possible for businesses to use ebooks as affordable marketing tools.

Connotations can help you create an ebook for your business or organization. We offer varying levels of service depending on your unique needs. For example, we can take information you have already compiled and expand on it to create a credible ebook that your customers will want to read. If you prefer, we can create the entire work from scratch – including doing all the necessary research. It is entirely up to you.

Connotations’ ebook creation service also includes formatting for .pdf, .epub and other popular file formats. Choosing the right format for your ebook makes distribution a lot easier by providing and other outlets with pre-formatted documents that are immediately ready for upload and sale. Of course, we will make sure everything meets your specifications prior to completing the project.

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