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The newsletter is one of the most influential marketing tools a business can possess …

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The newsletter is one of the most influential marketing tools a business can possess, harnessing the power of what is every company’s number one asset: the email list. Your list of email contacts is made up of names that already have an interest in what you have to offer, so all they need is a push in the right direction – this is where the Connotations newsletter writing service comes in.

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Email marketing is commonly regarded as the best performing marketing medium of all in terms of return-on-investment (ROI); however, this is only true when the copy used in the marketing campaign is effective enough to encourage readers to engage with your product or service.

Creating a newsletter that is perfect is not about a flashy template or fancy typography; it is about the text, the use of words that move the reader to act on a call to action.

It is here that Connotations excels.


Creating a newsletter that is perfect is not about a flashy template or fancy typography; it is about the text, the use of words that move the reader to act on a call to action.

Unlocking the Potential of your Subscribers with our Newsletter Writing Service

The email newsletter focuses on the individuals that already subscribe to what you do. You have already done the hard work to get people interested in what you have to offer, Connotations newsletter writing service is here to help you through the next step, by unlocking the potential of your email list and turning casual interest into conversions.

Our professional team of newsletter writers know exactly what goes into creating a hard-hitting newsletter, using vibrant and convincing copy that speaks to your readers in way that they can relate to. We will work with you to clearly define your objectives and then create a newsletter that characterises those aims and ideas.

Our newsletter writing service is designed not just to tell readers about your products and services, but also to drive a target audience to your website and encourage them to interact with your specific offerings.

This will help you:

  • enhance your reputation as an industry leader
  • increase conversion rates
  • engage with customers
  • promote loyalty
  • maximise ROI.

Whether you are launching a new email marketing campaign, or have a product or service to promote, the Connotations newsletter writing service will help you converse with, and convince, your subscribers.

If you would like to order newsletter content, or would otherwise like to find out more about our Newsletter Writing Service, drop us a line by filling out the form below and hitting ‘submit’. We typically reply to all communication within a couple of hours or so during business hours.

If for any reason our form doesn’t function as required (it can get a bit temperamental sometimes), please send your request to: info [at] connotations [dot] co [dot] uk

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The SEO experts and web developers of today agree, almost universally, that social media is the most important and effective way to interact with customers. They have a point, but only to a certain degree. It is true that social media is among the most popular ways for online users to communicate with one another. However, it is also true that there is an entire class of people who despise social media. These are people who will never use Twitter, people who are beginning to turn their backs on Facebook and Google+.

The obvious question to be asked is that of how do you engage with an audience outside of social media? You use the biggest resource you currently have at your disposal: e-mail. By leveraging your e-mail list to send out regular newsletter updates, you will be taking advantage of one of the most under-utilised resources in modern business.

According to research from the Radicati Group:

  • there were 4.1 billion active e-mail accounts in 2014
  • annual growth in the number of active e-mail accounts through 2018 is expected to be 6%
  • the average e-mail user has 1.6 active accounts
  • over 108 billion e-mails per day were sent by businesses in 2014
  • estimates suggest the number of daily e-mail sent by businesses will grow to more than 139 billion by 2018.

It must be noted that a certain percentage of the daily business e-mail qualifies as spam that is either rejected by ISPs or filtered at the user level. Nevertheless, that does not discount the fact that e-mail can be an effective way to communicate with your customers if you do it properly. That is where the newsletter and a good newsletter writing service comes in.

A newsletter is not just a hit or miss e-mail that gets sent out en masse with the hope of getting a response rate of under 5%. Instead, a newsletter is a compilation of important information targeted at a specific group of users. These are users you are already engaging as customers, so they are also people already interested in the products and services you provide.


Get your newsletter content written by the experts at Connotations. Contact us for a quote.

Creating Effective Newsletters

The foundation of any newsletter writing strategy is the development of a list of recipients. For example, let us assume you run a small company that sells only a single product. Every customer who is already signed up to be part of your e-mail list is already interested in that product. There is no need for you to designate different groups of users for your newsletter; you send it to all of them.

Now let us assume you are the IT officer of a national company selling five different products and a selection of services. You may decide to create a newsletter focusing on just one aspect of your business. That newsletter would only be sent to customers who have already shown interest in that topic. By selectively employing a newsletter strategy, you are targeting those on your e-mail list who you already know want the information you are providing.

Building on your foundation is a matter of developing the content that will benefit your customers. However, avoid the temptation of assuming what your customers want or need. Doing so is the best way to kill your newsletter before you ever get started. Instead of assuming, ask them.

Once you know what types of information your customers are looking for, the final step is to craft that information into a usable and attractive package. That is where Connotations’ newsletter writing service comes in. We can take the information you provide and use it to construct a newsletter that will reach your audience effectively.

How It Works

Newsletters typically accomplish a number of purposes simultaneously. First, they keep your customers up to date with what is happening within your company. For example, let us say your company is opening a second location on the other side of town. You want to inform your readers in case the new location is more convenient for some of them.

The second purpose of the newsletter is to keep your customers up to date with the happenings within your industry. Is there a new product coming down the pipeline? Is your industry considering new best practices that will enhance customer service? These the types of things your customers want to know. Why? Because this knowledge solidifies in their minds the fact that your company remains on top of your industry.

Finally, a properly crafted newsletter ends up being a collective call to action. What do we mean by this? We mean that your newsletter can prompt customers to make positive purchase decisions because they have been presented with compelling information. This is what you are ultimately after.

Connotations’ newsletter writing service takes the information you want to put out there and uses it to craft regular newsletters that will:

  • keep your customers informed
  • increase conversion rates among regular customers
  • drive increased traffic to your site among potential customers
  • provide an additional communications platform to complement social media.

“Good news is rare these days, and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond.” – Hunter S Thompson


Connotations’ newsletter writing service takes the information you want to put out there and uses it to craft great newsletters

Building Your Brand

We already have a compelling case to demonstrate that newsletters can benefit your business. Nevertheless, there is one final point to bring out here. It is one of building your brand.

Any spammer can construct a simple text e-mail and send it out to millions of people who will, upon receiving it, completely ignore it as they push the spam button. This sort of thing happens millions of times every day. It boggles the mind to consider how much effort spammers are wasting in the process of doing what they do.

On the other hand, a well-crafted newsletter that contains your logo, by-line, and a combination of quality text and graphics is one that will not be so easily discarded. It is one that will help cement your brand in the minds of your regular readers. The more you send out high quality newsletters, the more effectively your brand will be developed.

Your company newsletter is your opportunity to keep your customers informed about those things you know are important to them. Do not waste that opportunity. Let Connotations’ newsletter writing service help you by creating effective newsletters that you can send directly to your customers by way of e-mail. Doing so may turn out to be the best use of your company e-mail list.


Is your newsletter service for printed or digital newsletters?

Actually, our service is intended for both. Connotations doesn’t print newsletters per se, we create the content that makes up the text portion of a client’s newsletter. How the client chooses to present the information is entirely up to them.

Given that digital newsletters are the more popular format these days, most of our clients simply take the content we produce and release it as a digital document via e-mail or website download. In these kinds of cases, we can format the document in any way the client pleases. Clients who prefer printed newsletters take the content we create, lay it out in their preferred format, and then either print it in-house or take it to an outside printer.

Can Connotations create newsletters on a monthly basis?

Connotations is more than happy to produce newsletters based on any schedule the client desires. If you need a monthly newsletter to send out to your e-mail list, we can generate the content to be delivered on a specific date. If you’re looking for something weekly, just let us know what day of the week you want delivery and we will give your newsletter a permanent slot in our schedule.

Please bear in mind that scheduled newsletters are subject to deadlines on both your and our end. If there is information you intend for your next newsletter that we don’t have, we need that information with enough lead time to do the job. Waiting until the day before the deadline to make changes or add additional information makes it more difficult for us to complete the job on time.

Why would my organisation want to send out a regular newsletter?

There are lots of ways to reach customers or supporters in the internet age. Blog posts, informational articles, social media blasts, etc. all have their appropriate uses. As for the newsletter, it is a unique way of keeping people informed of what your organisation is doing so that they feel like they are actually part of your organisation.

Newsletters are intended to express company news. For example, your company might promote a low-level supervisor or bring on a new hire. This is information your customers may want to know. Newsletters can cover everything from plans for future promotions to expansion goals. They can be sent out as frequently as your organisation desires as well. It’s simply a matter of thinking about what your customers would like to know and how often they would want to be updated.

How do you decide what information to include in a newsletter?

Newsletter writing is one area in which our contribution is limited entirely to presenting ideas via high-quality writing. We might be able to come up with topics and titles for blog posts and articles, but newsletters are different. Our writing for newsletters is akin to what a newspaper journalist does. We simply report the information our clients provide.

In most cases, our clients send us a brief amount of information we then expand on. We might receive a series of bullet points outlining future company events we then turned into several paragraphs of text. We might also be given a topic covering something important to the client and then asked to create an essay on the topic. In short, the client always dictates the information to be included in the newsletter.

Is there any minimum or maximum length for newsletter writing?

The answer to this question is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Minimum and maximum length are important from the standpoint of effectively reaching your readers. Keep in mind that the modern attention span is comparatively short when you consider how much reading people used to do just a generation or two ago. A newsletter that’s too long may find its way into the waste bin because readers simply don’t have the time or attention span to read it through. By the same token, your newsletter has to be long enough to convey the information you want to get out. One that’s too short will be ineffective.

As far as the ‘no’ aspect is concerned, the length of your newsletter will not have any bearing on what we produce. We can make your newsletter as long or short as you want. You need only give us the ideas and information you want to convey, and we will put it together for you. If you would prefer shorter newsletters sent out more frequently, that’s fine. It’s also just fine to go longer and less frequent.

Is it true that newsletters fall victim to spam filters?

Yes and no. It is possible that any newsletters you send out will wind up in the spam or deleted items folders of your recipients’ email clients due to their spam filters. But this isn’t necessarily because you’re sending out a newsletter. If electronic newsletters were automatically considered spam, there would be no point in writing them.

Spam filters are intended to catch unwanted e-mail by looking for specific words, phrases and embedded HTML code. Filters are usually based on parameters established by known spam senders across the digital universe. One way you can avoid your newsletters winding up as spam is to create a designated e-mail list through your web hosting provider. Such lists add legitimacy to everything you send. They also reduce the likelihood that newsletters will be considered spam.

Do you have any suggestions for choosing newsletter topics?

Being that the point of a newsletter is to keep customers informed of what is going on in your company, the best topics are those that reflect things relevant to how your company interacts with them. For example, the fact that your management team has established a relationship with a new supplier whose products will be made available to customers is definitely newsworthy. If someone within your company is promoted, that would also be a good topic for your next newsletter. You are basically looking for things about your company or your industry that tell your customers what’s going on. Topics should be things that will keep them interested in your company.

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