The below is our case study for a project we completed for VapeStick ( It offers a sample of what one of our case studies looks like and how it benefits the client/business/entity that commissions it. All case studies should discuss the challenge of the commissioned project, and then go on to discuss the potential solution, the benefits of said solution, and then conclude with the verdict. At the end of the day, case studies give clients/customers/consumers the confidence to trust a product or service by offering evidence of its value.



VAPESTICK is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic cigarette products in Western Europe. The company was originally founded by former smokers committed to providing high-quality e-cigarettes and accessories to a market that was just getting started in the UK in 2009. VAPESTICK’s original owners sold the company to Clapper Ventures in 2010; it became part of the Victory Electronic Cigarette Corporation in 2014. Victory continues to develop the VAPESTICK brand as a market leader in Europe.


The VAPESTICK web development team initially contacted us shortly after the company’s acquisition in 2010. The VAPESTICK website was undergoing a complete overhaul, requiring existing content to be reworked to fit the new brand. They also wanted to develop new content moving into the future. Connotations, operating as Carman Online Content Publishing at the time, was immediately given the task of reworking existing content.

Completing the initial task was not as easy as rewriting a few paragraphs here and there. E-cigarette marketing is strictly regulated, prohibiting companies such as VAPESTICK from making any claims about health benefits, smoking cessation benefits, and the like. All of the reworked content had to be modified in order to comply with regulations and eliminate the company’s liability risk. The prospect of developing new content was contingent upon successfully reworking existing content.


The Connotations team proposed a thorough review of all existing content to determine what could be salvaged and what needed to be replaced entirely. It was determined that some pieces could be left alone while others needed to be discarded. The vast majority had enough value to be kept on the site after having been modified.

Our work during the initial stages included creating a glossary of electronic cigarette and vaping terms, rewriting marketing-centred copy, and modifying a number of existing blog posts. Upon completion of the first phase, we were then tasked with creating regular blog posts and occasional guest posts for other sites.

Connotations assigned a writer to handle blog post creation that would produce high quality, relevant content to be published on a daily basis. A set of keywords and phrases was created to give the writer an SEO framework for content creation. We have been producing VAPESTICK daily blog posts, uninterrupted, ever since.

The blog post writer was also given multiple guest post projects on an as needed basis. The guest posts were longer pieces aimed at explaining the benefits of electronic cigarettes to a wide audience while also driving traffic back to the main VAPESTICK website. Each of the guest posts involved utilising specific keywords, titles, verifiable references, and quality back links. Connotations still provides guest posts, as VAPESTICK needs them.


Reworking existing content on the new VAPESTICK website had the dual effect of improving the company’s reputation and bringing all of their content in line with current regulations. The importance of the latter benefit should not be underestimated in light of the government’s reputation for cracking down on non-compliant advertising. It was vital for VAPESTICK to maintain a compliant website to limit liability exposure.

Modifying existing blog posts and generating new daily content benefited VAPESTICK by improving search engine results and establishing the company’s reputation as a market leader. In turn, this drove increased traffic to the VAPESTICK website over months of brand development. Today, VAPESTICK is a leading brand in Western Europe. The products are sold online, at national retailers such as Costco and Tesco, and at hundreds of local and regional stockists throughout the UK.


VAPESTICK needed a complete website overhaul upon acquisition of the former company in 2010. Connotations proved that we were up to the task by providing both new and reworked content that met the company’s expectations and brought their site into compliance. All work was delivered on time and within budget.

Connotations has further proved our ability to get the job done by continually providing daily blog posts and, as needed, guest posts for other sites. Our ability to maintain a constant schedule and create work that meets client specifications is evidence that we can assist just about any company trying to achieve their content creation goals. We are proud to be an integral part of the success of VAPESTICK online.

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December 19, 2016

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