The below is our case study for a project we completed for PinPod ( It offers a sample of what one of our case studies looks like and how it benefits the client/business/entity that commissions it. All case studies should discuss the challenge of the commissioned project, and then go on to discuss the potential solution, the benefits of said solution, and then conclude with the verdict. At the end of the day, case studies give clients/customers/consumers the confidence to trust a product or service by offering evidence of its value.



PinPod Ltd is a UK company that has been supplying a range of secure parcel reception boxes to businesses and residential customers since 2005. The company continues to develop a patented electronic system for parcel management access and control that is integrated into all of the reception boxes it sells, providing customers with a secure environment for accepting or sending out packages without having to be physically on-site. PinPod’s long-term goal is to revolutionise online commerce by introducing as many people as possible to its secure delivery solutions.


PinPod representatives contacted Connotations for help in creating content for a new website. Construction of the site was already under way, but it was lacking descriptive text for several important pages intend to explain to consumers the parcel reception boxes concept. Connotations was hired to provide the necessary copy in everyday language that consumers could relate to.

We were also faced with the secondary challenge of developing regular blog posts for both SEO purposes and customer retention. Being that PinPod offers what is still considered a niche product, it was necessary to tailor the blog posts to an audience that may not fully understand the benefits of purchasing one of the company’s parcel boxes. At the same time, Connotations writers knew that the blog posts had to anticipate what questions customers might ask and so answer them without getting too technical.


The first order of business for the Connotations team was to study the new website in its current form in order to get a feel for how PinPod was presenting itself to customers. Next, we had to invest some time in researching online shopping statistics, home and business delivery practices, and so on. We needed to understand both PinPod and its customers in order to link the two.

Once research was complete, a writer was assigned to create the descriptive copy necessary to complete the initial web design build. We created the copy for four different pages based on the ‘who, what, how and why’ principle of explaining a problem and its solutions. We also included copy for an additional four category pages explaining the benefits of PinPod relating to home, business, trade and the environment.

All copy was submitted to the website building team for their approval. Once that approval was given, a writer was assigned the task of producing three blog posts that would be published several days apart for SEO purposes. The posts dealt with the practical aspects of using parcel reception boxes at home and at the office.


Creating website copy is a matter of presenting information to new customers in a way that sparks interest in the product or service being offered. In the case of PinPod, it was the responsibility of Connotations writers to make a connection with readers on a personal level. By writing copy that spoke to the practical, everyday needs of people who routinely accept packages, we were able to give customers viable reasons to consider purchasing a PinPod product. Furthermore, our ability to write copy that clearly presents a product or service without being overly technical makes it easy for customers to make a connection.

Where the blog posts are concerned, having three posts that could be spaced out over several days provided just enough activity on the website to let Google and the other search engines know that the site was being regularly maintained and updated. The blog posts did their job to the extent that Connotations has been retained to continue providing posts for the foreseeable future. Each post boosts PinPod’s online reputation, provides valuable and relevant information to readers, and makes the site more search engine friendly.


PinPod and their web development team have been very pleased with all of the copy and content Connotations has produced for them. Their website is effective in reaching customers as a promotional tool and a source of important industry information. In light of that, Connotations was successfully able to meet PinPod’s needs for content development.

The PinPod website provides strong evidence that Connotations is up to the task of developing website copy and content that is well written, relevant, SEO friendly, and capable of effectively reaching a target audience. We provided all of the work the PinPod web development team required, to their unique specifications.

Click here to visit the PinPod website.


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December 19, 2016

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